"MP3 compatible" will also play CD-R/RWs?

  GaT7 23:52 06 Jan 2005

Hi, a friend is thinking of purchasing this portable music system (Hitachi CX72) click here, which is 'MP3 Compatible' - note: no mention here of CD-R/RW playback.

On the other hand, this one (Sanyo ZX250F) click here, says it has 'CD-R/RW playback' - which obviously is not 'MP3 compatible', right? - as it is not mentioned.

Before he purchases, what he'd like to confirm is whether 'MP3 compatible' means it'll play CD-Rs (CD-RWs) as well.

He basically needs a portable player (£25 or under) that'll preferably do BOTH - CD-Rs & MP3s (CD-RW playback is not a must). G

  Ivor_Monkey 00:08 07 Jan 2005

I think in general machines are less likely to play MP3 RWs, but my best advice is for your friend to go into his helpful hifi store with a mp3 disc and see if the specified machine will play it. Some of the terms used by some suppliers may be ambiguous.

It will also allow your friend to estblish what the quality of the playback is like at different bitrates.

  toni b 00:31 07 Jan 2005

Mp3's are burnt on to a cdr so i dont think cdr is an issue but Ivor_Monkey's point about testing the product is very good advice

  TomJerry 00:56 07 Jan 2005

cannot find CX72 on Hitach's web site

but find CX-71 which playes CD-R & CD-RW, not mp3 click here

  toni b 00:59 07 Jan 2005

All i get is various links to Argos I can not find any spec on the Hitachi other than what can be found on your first link.

  GaT7 01:19 07 Jan 2005

Ivor_Monkey - "I think in general machines are less likely to play MP3 RWs". You're right, but here I mention a couple that DO - one being MP3 compatible while the other one has CD-R/RW playback.

The question is whether MP3 compatibility automatically signifies CDR/CDRW playback - as it may be of 'higher spec' & therefore left out (check both links)? I think TomJerry's CX71 link all but confirms that it does!

The store is Argos & the Hitachi is on offer at half-price for £25. So, if I don't get a definite answer soon will have to go with your suggestion of telling him to try it out firsthand at the appropriate store. The only problem is trying to match Argos' offer for the same/similar system!

toni b - I'm aware that MP3s are burnt on to CDRs. Sorry, I should've been clearer. By CD-R/RW playback I meant discs that are burnt in standard format - check the links to see what I mean. And all links lead to Argos : (

Thanks again. I realise this is not a PC query, but you guys have rarely let me down : )) G

  temp003 03:57 07 Jan 2005

There are 2 things that concern you. (1) Whether the player supports a particular music format; (2) whether it can read a CDR or CDRW.

"Discs that are burnt in standard format" in your last post - I assume you mean CDRs or CDRWs burnt as Audio CDs, then the answer is yes (provided the player can read the CDR or CDRW in the first place).

Since it says it's MP3 compatible, and as the player has no hard drive or flash drive, then the only way it can play MP3 is (as toni b noted) from a CDR or CDRW.

One would assume that the player can at least read CDRs (otherwise the MP3 compatibility is useless), and maybe CDRW, but don't take it for granted.

With a lot of Hifi CD players which do not specify CDR or CDRW compatibility, usually you get a better chance of getting the player to read a CDR than a CDRW. Butit varies from player to player and it depends on the CDR and CDRW itself.

  GaT7 15:57 07 Jan 2005

Thanks temp003. Your arguments all but confirm that the Hitachi MP3-compatible player will most probably play a CDR burnt as an audio CD (CD-RW playback is not a must, as already mentioned.)

Late last night, I got in touch with Hitachi support & I received a reply (at 9am today!) with a link click here, which eventually leads to TomJerry's one. Unfortunately, they didn't answer my specific query about the CX72's ability to read standard audio (non-MP3) CD-R/RWs.

I reckon my friend should go with the CX72... G

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