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MP3 CD? What plays them?

  SparkyJack 16:36 29 Mar 2015

Having impaired vision my 'reading is mainly audio books from my local library.

My lovely friendly librarian looks out lists of fiction for me to try. This week she passed two titles ,saying'newvin give them a whirl' So I did but none of the three CD players would run the.

Examination of the cases describes them as MP3 CD's

I do get publications on MP3 ''bricks'(supply your own battery) but those are something else. ,

  Ian in Northampton 17:40 29 Mar 2015

I believe some more modern CD players - both home and car - will play them. It is, though, slightly counter-intuitive to have MP3s on a CD. I searched for "MP3 CD player" and the second result was a document you can download from that identifies half a dozen they say will do it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 29 Mar 2015

Try in your PC.

Must be quite old Cd players mot to play mp3 files.

  SparkyJack 19:58 29 Mar 2015

Thank you Iran I guess my kit ,like me is ancient. Will point it out when I take em back.The librarian I guess is not aware of modern platforms.CFR

  SparkyJack 20:04 29 Mar 2015

FB I did consider the PC's but sitting up there in the den is not the same as all snuggled up in my captains chair in warm lounge-thats where the 'listening kit resides.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 29 Mar 2015

do you have a DVD player for the TV it may well play on that.

  AroundAgain 21:10 29 Mar 2015

Could you / Would you -

Copy CD with mp3 to you computer

Transfer to mp3 player, if you were prepared to get one

Obviously, the CDs may not be copy-able, due to restrictions, copywrite etc

This does entail some extra work and messing around though, which is no doubt what you want to be doing.

Probably easiest to get a new CD player, and more cost effective in the long run

  SparkyJack 08:43 30 Mar 2015

Around again

Nah! Too complicated. To mess around.

There's loads of regular titles out there

  SparkyJack 17:23 30 Mar 2015

F/B Good ho! The PVR plays them.

Bonus ,can walk about with wireless H/phones ,no longer tied by cabled phones

  AroundAgain 20:55 30 Mar 2015

Yes, agree a lot of messing around ;)

SparkyJack's idea so much better, and so simple!!! Excellent solution :) Well done

  SparkyJack 08:22 31 Mar 2015

So why mp3?

A'normal'full length novel fills 10 or so discs Ten ours playtime

Mp3 has the same content on two discs.

Disadvantage' over has no phone jack so TV has to be on.

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