Mp3 to CD audio?

  astral traveller 23:02 23 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 23:02 23 Jan 2003

I've done a search and found plenty of help for converting CD audio to Mp3 but not the other way - does software for converting Mp3 to CD audio exist and if so can anyone point me there?

  leo49 23:09 23 Jan 2003

Most of the converters on the list reproduced in edstows thread on this page are 2-way ie .mp3>.wav,.wav>mp3. I use dbpower and that does it.


  astral traveller 23:59 23 Jan 2003

I've downloaded from a couple of these sites and can convert from Mp3 to .wav but as far as I can see .wav files don't play on audio cd players - do you know of a specific site where I can download a program which will do this?

  rascal98 00:03 24 Jan 2003

If you have nero this will convert mp3s so you can use them in any cd player, I use this all the time

  crx16 00:05 24 Jan 2003

as mentioned, most cd creating software has the ability, just create 'audio cd' and not 'data cd'.windows media player can record to audio cd from a playlist.

  Carpigiani 00:07 24 Jan 2003

Nero 5.5 will convert mp3 files for burning onto CD.

  Timeforabeer 00:18 24 Jan 2003

Try here I've used this for ages and it's not too bad

  leo49 00:25 24 Jan 2003

When .wav are burnt to CDR as Audio, as crx16 says,they're still .wavs but Windows calls them .cda on the CDR. CD burning software can burn mp3 to CD as AUdio[converting automatically within the process prior to burning].My personal feeling is that you get better quality results by converting first with specialist software but I'm sure others would disagree.


  deke 02:18 24 Jan 2003


  astral traveller 09:28 25 Jan 2003

yes I can do it through xp's media player. Being new to xp I was struggling to get the files into the playlist but fine now, cheers.

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