MP3 to Audio CD

  Dazwm 12:53 22 Jun 2003

I have been burning Mp3s to cds to play on a cd player. They work fine but when I try to play them on my DVD player they won't play, yet shop bought cds will!? Why is this and how do I rectify this?

  Pc.2 12:55 22 Jun 2003

What Software do you use to Burn the CD's?


  Dazwm 12:58 22 Jun 2003

Either the one on Windows Media Player or HP Recordnow (Roxio) but neither work.

  Confab 13:04 22 Jun 2003

Are you burning to CDR or CDRW? Check the instructions for the DVD player to see what it says it will play. If your buring to CDR then there should not be a problem. Whats that make model of the DVD player?

  Dazwm 13:08 22 Jun 2003

I am writing to CDR not CDRW and my DVD player is a Panasonic DVD/VIDEO CD/CD PLAYER.

  Pc.2 13:14 22 Jun 2003

Roxio is good but limited, it lacks requirements because it tries to make it as simple as possible, I have switched to NERO 5.5, freely available, it too has a wizard but is much more thorough. It will burn everything and anything, protected or not.


  DieSse 13:33 22 Jun 2003

Some domestic players have difficulty reading "burned" CDs - the characteristcs of the disc simply make them more difficult to read.

You could try the following -

Different brands of CD-R.

Slower speed recording.

But at the end of the day, you might just find it's not possible on your particular player.

  Dazwm 16:54 22 Jun 2003

How do I slow down the recording speed?

  DieSse 18:37 22 Jun 2003

Look in the help for the program you use - it'll be there.

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