mp3 to audio

  molly46 11:26 20 Nov 2003

I am downloading music in mp3 form.I am then burning it onto disk with Nero or real in audio form.The problem I have is that it will play on my car CD(52.Focus)and my t.v DVD player,but I wont play on my home CD player or my sons bedroom player....why is this???..they will play Cd's that are copied/burnt from one to one but not the burnt downloaded the audio format different to original music Cd's when to burn them from mp3 to audio on Nero etc...

Any info appreciated.

  The Spires 12:30 20 Nov 2003

There isn’t ant difference between the final Cd you copied & one that has been made from MPR or similar, both Cd's you end up with will have the .wav format used by Cd players. Have you started using different media lately? The only other thing is copying MP3's to a audio disk does place a greater load on your Pc as the Pc is converting the files from MP3 to .wav while burning.

Perhaps you could try writing at a slower speed & nothing running in the background as the Pc could be turning out less that brilliant disks. Some older Cd’s by nature don't like burned Cd's & this coyld be tipping these players over the edge.

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