MP3 album won't work properly on a CD

  Pineman100 17:22 21 Sep 2010

I've downloaded an album in MP3 format from Amazon, and have burned it to a CD. I've done this successfully many times before, and I have a CD player that will play MP3 format music.

But this time the CD refuses to behave normally. I've tried three times to create a useable one, but each time the player has had problems with it.

First, the CD player clicks and stops and starts for maybe a minute or more. Then a track number appear in the display, but no sound is audible. Randomly, one or two tracks will play successfully, but then the next one won't. It all seems completely random and changes every time I try to play the CD.

I run Windows 7. I'm using good-quality (TDK) disks, and I've tried burning with Windows Media Player and with CDBurnerXP - they give equally unsatisfactory results.

The album plays completely normally on my MP3 player.

Any ideas on why the CD version is a problem, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 21 Sep 2010

Burn an Audio CD from whatever Media player you use on you PC.

This will convert the MP3 to standard tracks.

  Pineman100 17:51 21 Sep 2010

You now have me wondering whether I entirely understand what I've been doing.

I was under the impression that when I select the MP3 album in Windows Media Player and drag it to the "Burn" window, then click the "Burn" button, it would burn the tracks as MP3s.

But is that wrong? I've checked the WMP burn settings, and "Audio CD" is enabled. Each of the track files is described in Windows Explorer as "CD Audio track". Does that mean that I have, in fact, been doing what you suggest above?

If so, then it's audio CD's that have been misbehaving, not MP3!

So how do I burn the tracks as MP3 format? Do I have to create a Data CD?

If I sound confused, that's because I am!! Any advice, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 21 Sep 2010

"Does that mean that I have, in fact, been doing what you suggest above?"

To burn as mp3 just copy the files to CD if your using Nero yes its a Data CD remember the disk will need to be finalised before you can use it in another player.

You'll probably get approx 200 mp3 songs on a CD.

  woodchip 18:48 21 Sep 2010

Have you tried changing the speed of Burn? to slow it down when burning

  Pineman100 11:35 26 Sep 2010

I've been on grandparent duty for a few days!

I have now burned the files on to a CD as a data disk, and it plays fine in our MP3 CD player.

I confess that I'm still puzzled why the audio cd format wouldn't play properly, but I'm happy to settle for what I've now got.

Many thanks for your help, Fruit Bat /\0/\. Much appreciated.

Woodchip - thanks for your suggestion, too. I did try a slower speed burn but it made no difference, I'm afraid.

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