exhumed 21:13 10 Jun 2005

Using limewire I have got all the tunes i want from my old LPs,currently listening to Music by John Miles,whats the best site for mp3's,wide choice,dance to classical.

  madPentium 21:40 10 Jun 2005

hmmm isnt that illegal?

I suggest you go to a shop.

  exhumed 21:43 10 Jun 2005

hmmm,is there a limewire shop, where is it.

  kench 21:58 10 Jun 2005

Do not think file sharing is ilegal only when you start distributing copyright material?

  exhumed 22:03 10 Jun 2005

i am 51,we used to share tapes,sony etc broughtout players that where double tape decks,it made life easier,i am trying to work out the difference.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:14 10 Jun 2005

'i am 51' should be well acquainted with the vagaries of the copyright law then, especially as you have already written that the BPI have threatened legal action against you.


  exhumed 22:33 10 Jun 2005

you certainly get about,yes i am well aquainted, and i will continue to download from p2p untill such time thatA;they can prove that it was me that did the deed m'lud,not one of the many friends that have access to my pC orB,catch me in the act.Untill such time that magazines such as this one activly campaigns for fair pricing from the download music suppliers,instead of paying lip service,i will continue to use alternate means to access the music i want to listen to.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 11 Jun 2005

79p-90p for any track and £9.90 (4 pints of beer) for the latest Oasis CD is not reasonable? I despair. If the record companies gave CD's away I would suspect that you would find it too expensive.

Regarding your incisive legal knowledge...I suggest that you should start reading abiout owner responsibility and ISP account holder responsibility rather than who is the user...this is how they were convicted and something that the red top newspapers failed to clarify. The law is not stupid in trying to prove who was using a computer at a certain time. I hope you can afford £2500 but then if you could you would not be getting freebie tracks.


  mattyc_92 14:27 11 Jun 2005

It is illegal to download copyright protected material and/or share them without the permission from the aurthor/owner...

  VoG II 14:33 11 Jun 2005
  Forum Editor 14:46 11 Jun 2005

I'm not sure what being 51 has to do with it - apart from the fact that at your age you should know better than to boast about being a law-breaker. It's people like you who are the worst kind - the ones who flagrantly break the law and seem to delight in bragging about it. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, but of course you're not.

As for being caught doing it - that's not necessary. Your ISP in particular (the one that I can see on our server log record) is very hot when it comes to tracking downloaders, and they'll readily pass your personal details to an authorised person. In fact, if you're a serious enough offender they'll terminate your connection, and you may soon find that you'll have difficulty in getting anyone to give you an internet access account at all.

At 51 it's definitely time to wake up and behave like a grown-up I think.

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