athenrye 19:44 26 Sep 2004

hi can you help me copy music from cds etc to ordinary mp3 if there is such a thing!
i have wmplayer and realplayer but when i try to download stuff to my mobile etc they never seem to be compatible, it seems to ask for mp3
i dont seem to have a mp3 player ripper or am i being stupid?
can you help me in the right direction......

  Diodorus Siculus 19:50 26 Sep 2004

Get dBpowerAmp - it will walk you through the process: click here

  athenrye 21:02 26 Sep 2004

i downloaded it, and seems to be okay...
i ripped a few songs drom cd and from file....
but when i go to play them it says
"windows cannot find ejay.exe. this programme is needed for opening files of type "ejay mp3station mediafile"
under programme not found.....
can you help
i had this programme a while ago and didnt like it!! so deleted it

  gillersuk 21:08 26 Sep 2004

download musicmatch (free), it uses mp3 as its default format. just click record on the recorder window and it will rip the music files from CD on to your hard-drive in MP3 format.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:10 26 Sep 2004

Try winamp from click here and get the lite version - it is excellent program for organising and playing mp3 files.

Further, you can right click on one of the mp3 files and choose "open with" and point to, for example, windows media player.

  [email protected] 21:13 26 Sep 2004

open windows media player then go to tools, options. Make sure MP3 is ticked under the 'file types' tab

That should make them open in windows media player by default

  gillersuk 21:14 26 Sep 2004

i find winamp ok for a small amount of music files but find the interface clumsy and ugly. musicmatch from click here is a nicer looking, more powerful MP3 database. it has excelent tagging features, quick rip capabilities and much much more!

  paddyjack 21:44 26 Sep 2004

To rip cd try this click here I find it very easy to use

  Diodorus Siculus 15:12 27 Sep 2004

Apple's iTunes is excellent if you want a 20mb download... great for ripping, orgainising and playing.

  athenrye 23:10 27 Sep 2004

went for music match as i had it before...forget about it! doh

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