keith mac 10:40 08 Feb 2007

I'm considering buying a Pure Evoke 3 radio which will record digital radio programmes to an SD card.

I thought I'd be able to use a cheap MP3 player with an SD slot to play back the recorded programmes but I've read that the Evoke records in MP2.

Does anyone know if this correct?

Can MP2 be converted to MP3?

  vinnyT 11:32 08 Feb 2007

You can use WinAmp to decode the MP2 file to a WAV sound direct to disk, then encode as MP3 with the software you normally use.

The prob with this is that the sound quality will degrade. This is because both mp2 and mp3 are lossy formats, and every time you decode and re-encode the file more sound data will be lost.

Of course sound quality is subjective, whereas I may not notice (my hearing isn't too good), you may find the same file intolable.

You can download winamp from click here

Hope this helps.

  cocteau48 11:59 08 Feb 2007

Have a look at this :
click here
It may be what you are looking for.

  keith mac 15:15 08 Feb 2007

Thanks for your suggestions - I've had a look at both the websites and will check out each in more detail soon.

Thanks again

  vinnyT 16:40 08 Feb 2007


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