Mozy Pro has appeared on My Computer

  AndrewBebbington 17:46 23 Nov 2014

When I boot up my computer I get a message telling me that Mozy Pro wants to make changes.

I have never installed Mozy Pro and I can't find it on my PC so why am I getting this message and how can I sop it?

  spuds 18:26 23 Nov 2014

Have you done any recent downloading from the internet, because its possible that you have downloaded something that had MozyPro attached. Is this the MozyPro you are talking about click here

  AndrewBebbington 21:29 24 Nov 2014

No idea if it is the same programme as I haven't given it permission to make changes and I can't find it any where on my machine.

However, the message is no longer appearing on boot-up so I hope it has gone away!

  AndrewBebbington 12:08 25 Nov 2014

Found it at last! There was an installer programme in my temp files - now removed.

  hiwatt 12:19 25 Nov 2014

I would give Malwarebytes a run just in case anything suspect has been downloaded along with it? Is there no entries for it in add/remove programs?

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