Mozilla XP to Vista

  pppc 08:59 08 Feb 2010

Can anyone help me.

I am moving from XP to VISTA and cannot get help from Mozilla - I don't seem able to contact their user forums.

Can anyone tell me how I can move my messages from Thunderbird to the new machine, and how I can move my Bookmarks for Firefox?

I would appreciate any help.


  Woolwell 09:55 08 Feb 2010

Don't use Thunderbird but Firefox - Export your bookmarks to a memory stick/external drive/cd/dvd and import see click here

  Woolwell 09:56 08 Feb 2010

Or direct from Mozilla Firefox help click here

  Woolwell 09:57 08 Feb 2010

Thunderbird click here

  Wuggy 11:55 08 Feb 2010

Why not install Moz Backup (get it here click here)on your XP Machine and make full backups of both your Firefox profile and your Thunderbird profile then copy the backups to a pen drive and then to your Vista machine. Install latest versions of FF and TBird on your Vista PC then install Moz Backup and run it and choose to restore each backup from the location where you saved the copy. You will end up with an exact copy of FF including Bookmarks, saved passwords,extensions etc. plus the same for Thunderbird including all your mail accounts ready to go, all saved and sent emails, contacts etc.

  pppc 15:54 08 Feb 2010

Grateful thanks to you both.

Will try Wuggy's solution - I am already transferring the XP machine using DVDs. Will mark it up resolved when I've done it.

Woolwell I am using both Firefox and Thunderbird - the latter is my email client. I'll have a go at your Firefox help link (but I got very little joy from The T'bird help page.

Thanks again.

Peter C

  Woolwell 16:04 08 Feb 2010

Did you look at my Thunderbird link? It is not from Thunderbird's help and I thought that it gave fairly clear instructions.

  pppc 16:53 08 Feb 2010

Hi Woolwell

Sorry I took the two links and missed the third - Thunderbird - which is exactly what I want.

I am movving stuff by DVD so will collect my T'bird messages when next in XP.

But I have still not set up an account in Thunderbird. It looks beautifully simple: I give it the data I fed to Windows Mail, but it just won't have it. I'll try again when I am in for a little while.

Thank you again for your help


  Amadas 23:25 08 Feb 2010

The best way to do this is as follows

right click on start, then explore,

go to

C:\Documents and Settings\yournamehere\Application Data\Thunderbird

copy the "profile" folder and save it off disk.

do the same with firefox

C:\Documents and Settings\yournamehere\Application Data\Firefox

copy the 'profile" folder and save it off disk.

When you install both thunderbird and firefox on Vista, take those "profile" folders and copy and paste them in the same directory that Vista created.

Viola, you have all your emails and bookmarks as if nothing happened.

I do this all the time and it's the fastest way.


  pppc 08:07 09 Feb 2010

Woolwell Many thanks - I now have all my bookmarks again.
Amadas Thank you too - you see I am progressing. Will copying the profile off XP, uninstall Thunderbird from Vista, re-install on Vista and copy the XP profile into it, get me going again?? Sorry if I sound a bit thick but want to be as sure as poss.

And both of you

a) I am told that I can set VISTA to run programs and open files with a single mouse click but am damned if I can see how. Mouse in Control panel has no option and help does not refer to
any facility.

b) a funny one. I use the BBC weather local forecast as my home page . This has two options - the next 24 hours and the next 5 days. It will now not let me see the next 5 days - just ignores me. It did work for the fist couple of runs of VISTA, and it works quite happily in IE8. Any ideas??

Again, thank you very much for your interest and help - it is much appreciated


  Woolwell 11:07 09 Feb 2010

Vista help is quite good. For single click: In Windows Vista:

Right-click the Windows Start button.

Click Explore.

In the menu bar, click Organise.

Click Folder and Search Options.

Click the General tab, then select Single-click to open an item (point to select).

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