mozilla wont start.....

  herc182 20:22 02 Nov 2004

Mozilla wont start! i just restarted my conputer (after running ccleaner, which by the by freed 600mb) and mozilla wont run. the strange thing is, that when i started up, sygate said there was an update available. when i agreed to update, it used mozilla. but the shortcut on the quick launch bar AND in the folder directory yield nothing. seems to think about it, but never opens. any ideas?

  JIM 20:38 02 Nov 2004

If no joy after a reboot,just install software over the top.Take it you are using mozilla Firefox?

  Dorsai 20:52 02 Nov 2004

My two penneth, on ccleaner.

I know it is well recomended by many on this site.

I had spybot, a-squared, adaware, norton firewall and norton AV. All updated at least weekly. Xp also updated at least weekly. All ran at least once a week.

Downloaded CCleaner. Ran it.

I have only had to re-fomat and reinstall once, about 4 hours after Ccleaner. It may well have cleaned out the rubbish, but with me it also threw out the baby, as well at the bath water.

I wont Cclean again.

  herc182 21:00 02 Nov 2004

hmmm. i think sygate was the problem. it wasnt letting mozilla run and kept coming up with errors after the update.....have uninstalled it now and mozilla opens again...

quite randomly, dr watson started running (sygate told me it was trying to connect to the internet, i told it not to, and sygate and the internet stopped responding). how did dr watson get on my computer? have never installed it (i run adaware, spybot, etc every two days so it cant have installed itself).

will try reinstalling the update

  herc182 21:42 02 Nov 2004

yeah i think sygate update is unstable. installed it three times and all times (after the restart) it had to be stopped due to a fault (cue dr watson debugger). have installed zone alarm until i hear of others and the sygate update.

anyone know what "the file /serach.html cannot be found. Please check the location and try again" means. it comes up in Mozilla firefox every now and again (related to this sygate incident?)


  JIM 21:56 02 Nov 2004

It was already installed with OS.If you want to know all about Dr.W.-- type in Dr.Watson in the Help and Support Centre window.

Dr.Watson detects information about your system and program failures.Records information in a log file.When there is a program error,Dr. Watson will start automatically.

If you want to open Dr. Watson, click start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type drwtsn32.

Dr. Watson will not prevent errors from occurring, only the information is recorded via a log file which can be used by technical support to diagnose a poss problem.

  herc182 22:08 02 Nov 2004

thanks JIM.

any ideas on the other prob anyone?

"the file /serach.htm cannot be found. Please check the location and try again"

  Mozarella 22:11 02 Nov 2004

herc182, I try to keep my ear to the ground and thst`s why I`m deaf. Have you got XP Pro or XP home? Because if you have you`ll not get Mozilla firewall. I`ve just downloaded Ccleaner and I`ve not got Mozilla, but I do have the new firewall installed by SP2 until the next patch comes along. Longwinded, maybe, I`ve helped the ONE i/c to finish off two bottles of Blossom`s water. Night, night everybody, hope you`ve had you`re Ovaltine.

  herc182 22:21 02 Nov 2004


  herc182 23:26 02 Nov 2004

mozilla driving me mad. wont start up again. i now attribute the problem to ccleaner. twice used twice mozilla ballsed up. have now installed that pile of crap (ccleaner). i ran cclenaer thinking it would give me the option of "fixing the probs" but no it ran and fixed all it wanted. dont know what it has fixed/deleted, but mozilla firefox not happy.

it will open indirectly (ie if i type in a link in word then click on it) but not from any of its shortcuts. i have uninstalled and reinsdtalled three times, but to no avail....

oiff to bed very annoyed.

any help greatly received. thank you

  dagwoood 01:54 03 Nov 2004

herc182, I had the same problem where I couldn't get Mozilla to launch. Came across this solution on the Mozillazine forum that worked for me.

First uninstall Mozilla and any shortcuts for it. Then go to My computer>"your hard disk">Program files>Common Files. You will have in there a Mozilla folder. Delete this folder. Then reinstall Mozilla.

Don't know whether it'll cure your problem, but it cured mine, dagwoood.

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