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  micklemouse 15:00 11 Aug 2004

I can use coloured fonts and use emoticons in my emails but my freind who is in Outlook Express either doen'st recieve them at all or it can take anything up to 24 hrs getting to him. Why is this if it is so well reviewed? is it something to do with choice of html/plain text settings? I never had this trouble when I used O.E. I have windows XP by the way

  Devil Monkey 15:13 14 Aug 2004

If you send your friend plain text mails, the emoticons will not appear. What is strange is that they are there with your own preview.

Can you try sending a mail to someone else and see what happens.

  micklemouse 18:59 14 Aug 2004

Hi Devil Monkey; the emails are getting though on time now that I've noticed the priority settings in the tool bar (d-oh!) but like you say although the smileys appear in my preview and I can even send them to myself, my friend who uses O.E. and recieves HTML mail can only see them in dots and dashes. I always send my emails in HTML too.

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