mozilla or opera

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i am a bit bored if internet explorer and i belive i have a choice,i have heard of mozilla and opera,i belive netscape is like aol (which i dont like)so which is the best or easiest to use etc.are they easy to configure? can i still keep ie 6? do i just choose from my desktop? can i have a few on my desktop at a time? do they interfere with each other? thanks people,

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I regularly use IE and Opera. Never tried the others. I heard that some web designers run three or more simultaneously.

I can visit and access the same page from two different browsers at the same time, no problems.

If you switch, you should keep IE installed. You can change your default browser when you have decided which you like best.

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Netscape is not like AOL. AOL is a creation of it's own! :o)

Although AOL uses IE to interact with the web. Interestingly enough, you can use Netscape with AOL and it's fully supported by them.

I think that Mozilla is based on Netscape, it does get some good reviews in the forum. j.

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  woodchip 22:31 30 Oct 2003

Netscape 7

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I have been using Avant browser for a number of months now as my prefered browser.

click here


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BTW I still have IE6 installed, but rarely use it.

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