mozilla internet browser keeps downloading "st.cgi" and "fileassoc.asp"?

  theDarkness 23:55 30 Jul 2008

My mozilla internet browser keeps downloading "st.cgi" and "fileassoc.asp", most often whilst using yahoo mail when the page is downloading to the browser. These files are not attached to emails, they simply seem to be part of the website itself since they appear when the page loads up. Does anyone know what these files are for? Even if they are basic config files for the websites i am browsing i do not know how i can stop mozilla from trying to download them to my desktop. I am using norton but there is nothing in there to change what is happening if it is that causing the issue. I have scanned my system and i am virus free ;-) thanks for any info if possible

  ashdav 00:00 31 Jul 2008

try adblock extension click here
It may be just a function of the yahoo website.

  ashdav 00:06 31 Jul 2008

Did a check on .cgi and .asp at click here and they seem ok.
Why are you worried (or just curious )

  theDarkness 00:10 31 Jul 2008

Not worried at all, its just annoying that almost every time i load up the page for viewing or sending email i get asked what to do with those files i mentioned above. :)

  ashdav 00:14 31 Jul 2008

Try the extension above.
Right click on the Adblock Plus red icon at top left of the browser window and the files you mention should be listed for you to block.

  ashdav 00:16 31 Jul 2008 right of browser window.

  theDarkness 00:34 31 Jul 2008

i think that prog will be able to block the files from appearing whenever i use yahoo, thanks. I would use internet explorer but i am on the net on my laptop only by using my phone as my modem. it will only work with the mozilla browser for some reason to get on the net. I can use the phone on its own to access the pc advisor forum and my yahoo mail, its alot faster since it uses a cut down opera browser unlike the laptop- but like you say, i was just curious, and i prefer a big screen for this forum! :) those files appearing all the time seemed odd even if they are just config files or ads on the yahoo site. I thought mozilla would know what to do with them, and since it did not i thought mayb the problem was because i was using my phone as the modem for the laptops internet, but couldnt be sure of that

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