Mozilla- incompatabilities

  jack 08:44 25 Jun 2005

An item on BBC Text Sci Text pages [154]
Reports that Firefox cannot cope with all Web sites.

I am led to wonder if there are any such conditions with ThunderBird also.

I have it it come through the fog- that a certain group of formus that were very active until about January time- have not been coming through- Heard nothing from them for months- Was this about the time I switched to ThundeBird?
Is Thunderbird blocking some of my mail?

What do you think?

  mgmcc 09:18 25 Jun 2005

Thunderbird will download all of your mail normally unless you have set up filters for it to do otherwise.

Is it possible that you have multiple mailboxes with different ISPs and, when changing to Thunderbird, didn't set up the one that forum alerts are sent to?

  Ironman556 11:43 25 Jun 2005

click here

Doesn't work with firefox, I don't know if there's a fix, mine is to openit in internet explorer.

  jack 11:54 25 Jun 2005

MGMCC- One ISP one mail box no filters
Thanks you for thinking of it.

Odeon was one of those mentioned with the difficulty in the piece.

I have just clicked the link you gave - opened perfectly in Firefox

Thinking caps still firmly on then

  Ironman556 00:37 26 Jun 2005

it opens perfectly, but did you try actually using the site? once you click the image to enter the interactive menus don't work.

  Daibus 11:00 26 Jun 2005

Opened in Firefox and the interactive menus also worked.

  Ironman556 02:50 27 Jun 2005

doesn't work on 4 pc's i know of and mine has the latest flash etc.

  Ironman556 02:52 27 Jun 2005

doesn't work on 4 pc's i know of and mine has the latest flash etc.

  jack 11:54 27 Jun 2005

Tis a strange world - some will some won't
I guess it could be as much a poorly set up site, as anything wrong with out 'puters or perhaps some of each.- I'll let it rest

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