Mozilla FireFox Extensions

  Zak 11:36 13 Nov 2004

I have just converted to FireFox and ThunderBird.

So far so good and I am now preferring these two to IE & OE.

I have installed some extensions:

Spellchecker - excellent as you can spell check web mail, I also have the Polish dictionary as I also correspond in Polish and I spell checked this posting!

Tab Browser and Tab Browser Preferences

GMail notifier

Image Zoom



Which extensions are you using, recommend and why?

Which extensions you found not very useful and why?

  Rigga 12:01 13 Nov 2004

I use

SpellBound - spell checker > click here <

Flash block - stops flash running automatically, and instead puts a little play button where the flash animation should be. So if you want to see the flash then hit the play button. Useful for stopping annoying flash adverts! > click here <

Haven't tried any others yet!

Would love one to be able to show manage and edit my saved form information.


  D G 13:11 13 Nov 2004

I use a few adblock IE view and a couple more but a lot have been disabled as not compatable with the new version, so firefox tells me. DG

  Dorsai 13:27 13 Nov 2004

I use with thunderbird the 'minimise to tray' extension. So i can have thunderbird up and running, checking my mail every so often without in being in the toolbar. There is just a little icon in the system tray. When new mail comes in, a little window pops up, and an icon of an envelope appears in they system tray. click here

I also have adblock and the spellbound spell checker as mentioned above, for firefox.

  canard 22:22 13 Nov 2004

Nuke Anything- gives r click option to remove anything that adblock has let in- VERY satisfying! Plus Bookmark Backup- much easier to copy bms when backing up a capricious pc. View Page in IE was also v useful but we will have to wait for an update before it will work in the latest FF.

  vinnyT 10:16 14 Nov 2004

It's not an extension as such, but I really like mozbackup from
click here

MozBackup is a utility for creating backups of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup mail, favorites, contacts, etc. This program is freeware.

It does what it says on the tin.

  Stuartli 10:35 14 Nov 2004

Just been reading that installing the current updated version of Firefox doesn't carry over many (or all) of the extensions.

  Zak 15:33 14 Nov 2004


I have installed ieview v 0.83 and it works with FireFox v 1.00. It is available in context menu.

click here

Perhaps you are referring to something else?

  Irishman 15:39 14 Nov 2004
  hkvic 15:58 14 Nov 2004

Most of the Firefox extensions listed click here are compatible with the latest release.

  Wuggy 19:07 14 Nov 2004

One of the handiest extensions I've used is Close on Double Click V 0.1.2. This lets you close a tab by double clicking on it or open a new tab by double clicking on a blank area of the tab bar.

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