Mozilla Firefox Browser-problem loading.

  absolute 18:14 31 Jan 2006

I have been using Mozilla Firefox (1.5) for some time as an alternative browser. My ISP is AOL Broadband Silver.
At times I experience problems loading Firefox.
It loads so much and I then get a message to the effect that click here can't be found and the whole system locks. I can't then use the internet.
If I switch the computers power off and waite about 10 seconds and then reload, Mozilla works again.
This is not a great problem but can be frustrating.
My system is Windows XP Home edition.
I use Zone Alarm Pro as a Firewall, with windows
firewall switched off.
I wouldbe glad of any suggestions as to what the problem is. Thanks you.

  octal 18:36 31 Jan 2006

Did you have a previous version of Firefox installed? Also have you installed any extensions recently? Sorry about the questions, but there is a reason why I'm asking.

  absolute 17:21 01 Feb 2006

Thank you for your response.
No extensions installed.
No previous versions of Mozilla installed.

  octal 17:46 01 Feb 2006

OK, my reasoning was that maybe your Profile folder had got corrupted, but I don't think that's the case in your situation.

I'm just wondering if there is a conflict with another program, what anti virus and firewall are you using? Sometimes Norton's can cause problems.
I take it you can use IE OK?

  absolute 19:39 01 Feb 2006

I did use Norton but I uninstaled it sometime ago.
I now use AV antivirus.
I use Zone alarm pro as a firewall.
I would add that the problem with Mozilla has been for sometime now, during and after I uninstalled Norton.
IE is also affected when Mozilla refuses to load inthat it loads but does not allow access to the internet.
I had to switch off the computer today in order to access Mozilla as it again froze.

  octal 19:51 01 Feb 2006

It doesn't seem a Firefox specific problem if the are problems with IE as well.

The only other thing at present is to try switching off the firewall just as a test to make sure that isn't causing the conflict.

  octal 19:53 01 Feb 2006

One last thing at the moment, are you sure you've removed all traces of Norton? I know by experience it can be an absolute beast to remove.

  absolute 20:03 01 Feb 2006

Thanks again.
I will certainly make sure I have removed all traces of Norton.
Also switch off the firewall.
I will let you know how I progress with this problem.
Best wishes.

  VoG II 20:10 01 Feb 2006

You might find this helps click here=

  Stuartli 20:51 01 Feb 2006

Is the Home Page set to

The Google link you provide should take you automatically to the version and not .com

You say you have been using Firefox as an alternative browser (1.5) for some time - does this include previous versions as 1.5 was only released at the end of November?

  absolute 21:07 01 Feb 2006

Yes home page is set to

I have used previous editions of Firefox and this is the updated version (1.5)

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