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  Phil930 10:12 06 Jun 2005

I switched from IE to Firefox a few months back and imported my favourites at the time. Since then, I have updated them and stored many new sites while using firefox, where they are all now known as bookmarks.

I wanted to back them up, like you can with IE by copying the favourites folder out of Documents and Settings folder. However, nowhere on my system can I find the bookmarks folder where they are now all stored from my firefox browsing.

My problem is I have to reformat in a matter of days and would lose all my bookmarks if i can't find a way to back them up. Furthermore, does anybody know of a way to import my bookmarks back to favourites for IE too, for certain pages that don't work well in firefox?

Many Thanks

  Phil930 10:17 06 Jun 2005

I forgot to ask one further question. In IE, certain favourites could remain hidden. In firefox, URL's that I want to be hidden still display all the time. Is there any way of hiding URL's or folders in the bookmarks?

  Pooke 10:20 06 Jun 2005

bookmarks> manage bookmarks> file then goto export?

  bines 10:20 06 Jun 2005

Click the Bookmarks drop down menu; choose Manage Bookmarks.

Drop down the File menu and you will be able to export your bookmarks. Use the same procedure to import the file back into Firefox later on.

  Pooke 10:26 06 Jun 2005

in IE goto file> import and export choose import favourites then direct the wizard to the bookmarks you just exported from FF and follow the instructions.


  ericmax 10:50 06 Jun 2005

Try this, I use it all the time just save the file to a CD or flashdrive, when you reinstall Windows and Firefox again install Mozbackup run it and point it to the saved file, job done.

  ericmax 10:51 06 Jun 2005

Oops here is the link for the above.
click here

  Phil930 10:56 06 Jun 2005

Excellent! The key one here was the transfer from FF to IE again, many thanks Pooke.

One last point, does anyone know of a method to hide certain bookmarks in FF? IE retains it similar to windows settings.

  Phil930 01:20 07 Jun 2005


One last point, does anyone know of a method to hide certain bookmarks in FF? IE retains it similar to windows settings when u hide folders? Can firefox do this?

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