Mozilla Firefox address bar problem

  tallboy 15:54 07 Mar 2015


Up until a week ago, my Firefox browser was working fine. Now it has been upgraded by Mozilla to the latest version (36.0.1) and it doesn't work correctly! If I type a new URL in the normal URL address space and click on it, nothing happens - it doesn't look for the address. However, if I click on any link in the displayed web page, it does work. So at the moment, I am forced to use my home page (Google search) and type the URL in the Google search bar and go to the new URL from there.

Anyone know how I might fix it? Thanks.


  QuizMan 16:34 07 Mar 2015

Firefox has been giving me a few problems lately, but not the same as you describe. Assuming you have a few add-ons installed, it might be worth starting Firefox in safe mode. To do so, click on the "Open Menu" three bar icon in top right, then click the question mark and finally "restart with add-ons disabled". If that cures it, then you can re-enable your add-ons one by one to find which, if any, is the culprit.

If safe mode makes no difference, then I must leave it for others to resolve.

  stevethetester 17:32 07 Mar 2015

I've also been having problems(along with many others)with the latest version; download helper won't work just to mention one. I've taken it off and put the previous version (35) back on; I have disabled the auto updates function so that it doesn't automatically update. At least this version works fine ! Maybe you should do the same until they get their act together and release a fully working version. Hope this helps,

  lotvic 17:52 07 Mar 2015

stevethetester, I've just updated to FF 36.0.1 and saw your post so thought I'd better test mine out as I also use Download Helper. Tried it on YouTube and Arghh, it doesn't work anymore, shows (1) next to the symbol but isn't downloading and nothing shown in the queue, tried again and now all that happened is it shows (2) and still nothing downloading :(

Am going back to previous version of Firefox. (have also got problem with the Search bar as per Jock1e's Thread click here

  lotvic 18:33 07 Mar 2015

re: download helper, apparently you get pointed to a Beta version to solve this: "We are aware of downloading issues when using Firefox 36" click here

  stevethetester 17:51 08 Mar 2015

Thanks lotvic,

   Think I'll probably stick with Firefox 35 plus the current version until the stable version is released.



  tallboy 22:14 09 Mar 2015

It seems that Firefox 36 is more trouble than it's worth all round. At present, I've switched back to Google. I liked version 35 of Firefox and I still have the 'stub' for it. However, when I activated it (after removing version 36) it downloaded version 36 again and installed that. Ugh! I note stevethetester that you have reverted to version 35. Can you (or anyone else) please give me a URL where I can download version 35 rather tan version 36.? Thanks.

  robin_x 22:56 09 Mar 2015

Filehippo keeps old versions of apps

click here

  robin_x 22:58 09 Mar 2015

Filehippo keeps old versions of apps

click here

  lotvic 01:31 10 Mar 2015

I got mine en-GB version from a direct download link

ClickHere for Direct Download FF 35.0.1 en-GB language from mozilla website. Choose to save to file and then run it later when you have uninstalled FF36 and rebooted pc. I did not lose any of my bookmarks etc. they were all still there and loaded when I started FF 35.0.1

  stevethetester 16:57 10 Mar 2015


I also downloaded a copy from the Firefox website; I usually keep back-ups of previous versions of most of the software that I use just in case of a similar issue.

Also,have a look at: click here which is a very handy site to bookmark for these sort of issues.

Hope this helps,


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