Mozilla Firefox

  erbing 17:43 01 Jul 2008
  birdface 18:00 01 Jul 2008

Bad site,And old Firefox.what are you actually looking for.

  birdface 18:16 01 Jul 2008

Please read here here Just wondering if you are trying to promote this site.Or deliberately send others to a bad site,Although McAfee Site Advisor shows it as a bad site does not mean everything in it is bad.But worth being carefull if you are going to download anything from it.

  cocteau48 19:01 01 Jul 2008

I have now given up on McAfee Site Advisor in favour of ...common sense.
I do not mean to be flippant but the problem is that when Site Advisor finds the URL of a dodgy site it rates it RED.....wherever it finds it ... and not just on the site itself.
Just quoting the full URL of a dodgy site on a completely innocent site (saying for example "do not visit this's dodgy" and quoting the full URL) can find the innocent site condemned by association.
I visit a red rated site every day (GiveAwayOfTheDay) and have yet to have downloaded a problem.

  MAT ALAN 19:08 01 Jul 2008

I can find nothing dodgy about this site exept the content, its all a bit NAFF and dated, there are a wealth of sites out there far better than this one for free progs and the likes, so it won't be in my favourites...

  birdface 19:36 01 Jul 2008

Just wondering why the new thread about Firefox and just going through a few of his threads Com Van gets used all the time.I was just wondering if it was his own site.Like you say Mcafee is not always correct.but in the absence of anything else I use here

  birdface 20:44 01 Jul 2008

My apologies if this is a harmless thread.probably just getting a bit paranoid and seeing faults when there is none.But still wondering why the Firefox with no comments.

  Sea Urchin 22:25 01 Jul 2008

.....and your question is?

  [email protected] 01:26 02 Jul 2008

Bit of a random and pointless thread. I have no idea what the poster is trying to get at...if anything?

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