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  Maltman 17:53 24 Oct 2004

I am using the Mozilla Firefox Browser. When I used it today, I discovered that I could not access google uk (my home page) or all the web. Whenever I click any link, I get a page from my isp (pipex). Even typing in the url doesn't work. I've ran adaware etc but didn't find anything. I reinstalled firefox but the same thing happened. Everything works fine in IE. Any ideas?

  rawprawn 18:33 24 Oct 2004

Just a guess, have you checked Tools/Options/general and see how the home page is set.

  rowdy 21:53 24 Oct 2004

I have on three occasions downloaded and installed firefox. After a few days it becomes very erratic and hangs and I have to reboot. I accept that this may be something peculiar to either Win98se or my computer. I can run IE without any of these troubles so always revert to it.


  rômanab 22:45 24 Oct 2004

Since v.93 firefox has been freezing every couple of days on my PC, which always needs a restart to cure. After this my cache is always gone, but not my cookies, history etc. Most annoying, I've started to use Mozilla instead but I prefer Firefox so it's a pain. Hopefully this will stop when the final release comes out.

  SEASHANTY 23:41 24 Oct 2004

Possibly something to do with how you have set firewall or cookie options. Also if using XP check
that "Use Current browser" option is set rather than I.E. Default. Also check if you have set IE as default that "allow access to Mozilla and Firefox is enabled. I also use all three browsers
and have none of them set as the default. The only default option I have set is MOZILLA MAIL.

  SEASHANTY 23:47 24 Oct 2004

I should also note that I have three PC's and all have them have the three browsers (I.E.6 ; Mozilla 1.7.3 and the latest Firefox with many of the extensions) and have no trouble with any of them. NTL BB 750k Two PC's using the V-COM System Suite firewall the other using McAfee Internet Security Firewall. If you are having problems then its likely to be something with your config.

  rômanab 14:24 25 Oct 2004

Thanks seashanty, but "use current........" is checked. It worked fine up till v.93, then it started. I did used to install over the top (I know you shouldn't) and it was always fine but I thought it might be that so I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled v1.0PR, still the same so I just don't know?

  SEASHANTY 15:51 25 Oct 2004

That could be the reason then - there may be odd bits of it scattered around. .... and yep, it does say to remove all previous versions before installing the latest version. I did this mainly because I use Mozilla for e-mail and I didn't want the config mucking up. You could always try another delete and re-install - no guarantees tho'
I suppose.

  steve263000 16:40 25 Oct 2004

As I have noted in a previous message, I have now gone, reluctantly back to i.e. Mozilla just does not work with enough of my regular sites. I loved the tabbed browsing, and the speed, but it just has to many conflicts.

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