Mozilla doesnt render css like IE does (1)

  wellers 18:21 29 Sep 2003

I'm all for this diversity of web browsers but there's some times when I wish IE was the only one there was :)

I'm currently building two sites and both are having Mozilla issues:
click here is active and sorted but I've been doing a bit of a retrim with the php and css to make it easier to manage. I was aware that Mozilla had had issues with my image map but they were resolved.
However, now i've got a problem with the colour of div id=page>. In my css "page" runs thus:

div#page {background:#006600; margin:0 0 0 120px; height:100%; overflow:visible; padding: 0; font-weight:normal;}

the background colour of the body is black because i couldnt get the left hand navigation bar to be 100% of the page.
I want the page to expand to the window if the content is less than it: click here and IE does it fine. Mozilla has issues with it. It either shrinks to fit as in that previous URL or if the content is larger than the window it borders it with black at the bottom.

Anyone got any theories on how to solve this?

And feel free to pass judgement on the rest of the site too.


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