Mozilla crashing on Google search

  Loch Ness 23:31 13 Mar 2010

Using Mozilla V. 3.6. Recently as I try and use Google search, Mozilla Crash Reporter box appears.

Mozilla is OK opening web pages in Bookmarks and iGoogle home but when type in search word it crashes on pressing enter.

Also noticed that in IE/ AOL although can do Google search many links that I click on to from here are coming up as Bad Request. In Mozilla, certain links that I type in the web address bar are also coming up as Bad Request?

Not sure what is happening but recently my McAfee also gone weird? Could this be linked? Mcaefe Security centre showing yellow exclamation mark symbol. When opening it, says some things now not protected - email, computer files etc. When click on FIX - does not fix it and says need to reinstall software? Have a subscription for this via broadband service. Phoned McAfee - links they have given me to uninstall/ reinstall - cannot open - as above issue - links coming up as Bad Request on all browsers when typed in.

Had computer services people round today - could not diagnose??? But didn't look into it that much. He uninstalled Mcafee straight away - same probs with browser/ crashes remain. Now says only way to sort is a complete wipe????

Anyone got any ideas on any of the above, would be most grateful. Thanks.

  birdface 06:57 14 Mar 2010

Someone with the same sort of problem.

click here

Maybe download update and run the free version of Malwarebytes to see if it finds any problems.

If you have a Google toolbar maybe remove it.

Or try command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter it should tell you dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.
I removed Firefox last week because it kept freezing on the odd page and I had to shut it down and then open it again for it to work.

Maybe download Revo Uninstaller and remove Firefox Completely.Also download the McAfee removal tool and remove that as well then reinstall it to see if it makes any difference.

  daveac41 08:24 14 Mar 2010

I had this problem yesterday. As soon as I opened Firefox, the Crash Reporter box appeared.I traced it to Googlemail, it being one of six tabs that open when I start, so I merely killed it.
That seemed to cure Crash. Does anyone else have trouble with Googlemail?

  Loch Ness 20:42 14 Mar 2010

Thanks all - going to try some suggestions from you buteman. I'll let you know hoe it goes.

  Loch Ness 20:55 14 Mar 2010

Not that tech savvy - have removed Google toolbar.

What command prompt? In FF do you mean?

  birdface 22:07 14 Mar 2010

Sorry that was for I/E and it would be in all programs.accessories.And either in there or in system tools.

  birdface 09:21 15 Mar 2010

or try run, and type in cmd and then press ok.Command prompt will then open.

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