chaztait 23:22 21 Dec 2004

A lot or people have told me about mozila or firefox and that is what i am using justnow just to see how good it is but i dont really see what is better about it coould anyone please tell me what it is that makes people use Mozila instead or Internet Explorer?

  no way 23:25 21 Dec 2004

Mozilla has built in popup blockers, a built in google search, loads of free plug-ins etc.

Also you will find Firefox doesnt have anywhere near as many problems as IE - a lot of viruses/spyware etc are written to exploit the vunerabilities in IE which Firefox doesnt have.

I also recommend Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client to replace oe for the same reasons

  chaztait 23:27 21 Dec 2004

Thankyou by an email clint do you mean like the same thing as outlook express?

  no way 23:29 21 Dec 2004

Exactly the same. Outlook Express is even worse than Internet Explorer for vunerabilities (in my experience) so I always recommend swapping to the Mozilla alternative ;p

(and no Im not being paid by them to advertise it :p)

  chaztait 23:30 21 Dec 2004

right so how do i set it up?

  VoG II 23:32 21 Dec 2004

Just follow click here

  chaztait 23:33 21 Dec 2004


  woodchip 23:44 21 Dec 2004

If you want a new window but keep the one you got click the little file thingy at the end of where you can see PC Advisor tab. this will create a new tab so you can use that for google or what you want

  chaztait 23:45 21 Dec 2004

ok a dont really get how to set up me email could you please tell me how to do it step by step?

  woodchip 23:52 21 Dec 2004

It should do it Auto when you click the Mail Icon bottom left corner of screen if it is the same as Netscape. You need your settings from OE before you run it. you need your pop. server and also smtp settings and Password to set it up. just follow on screen prompts. If it goes strait into Mail Program come back hear

  chaztait 00:05 22 Dec 2004

ok i know all of the stuff with the POP3 server ect but a dont know what to click on the internet ??

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