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  swanny2 22:32 26 Dec 2006

i ve just had download this coz IE keeps disconnecting me in here.

Now wwhat id like too know is why if i have a more than 1 window open, does it say, close these Tabs. then all me windows close at same time,why not just the 1 i want too close.

  SANTOS7 22:40 26 Dec 2006

right click on the tab in question it will give you the option to close only that one..

  QuizMan 23:42 26 Dec 2006

If you look in the top right hand corner of the screen, you see two red crosses. The larger of the two (very top right) closes all windows and the smaller one closes the active tab.

  QuizMan 23:46 26 Dec 2006

To be absolutely correct, it's a white cross on a red background.

  swanny2 13:43 30 Dec 2006

i use a sporting radio an when i use Firefox an clik on the link for me radio ,it says i need a Plug in. now when i search for a plug in it s sayin no plug in found,yet when i use IE i have no probs, any ideas plz.

  The Kestrel 14:56 30 Dec 2006

With firefox launched, click on the tools menu, top left. Select add-ons from the drop down menu and then click on get extensions (bottom left). You will be directed to the extensions page where you select addons and find the one you require. Download and install this on your PC.

  swanny2 19:38 30 Dec 2006

hmm when i clik on that mate all i see is enable crashes too be sent too firefox

  The Kestrel 20:20 30 Dec 2006

Is this option when you get when you click on tools? If so it looks like you may have a corrupt file. Try uninstalling firefox and then reinstall again firefox and see if that improves things.

  The Kestrel 20:20 30 Dec 2006

Sorry should have read... Is this the only option you get ....

  The Kestrel 20:30 30 Dec 2006

I think I have found your problem.When you click on add-ons from the tools drop down menu the box that appears has a link in blue in the very bottom right hand corner which says GET EXTENSIONS. It is this you need to click next.

  swanny2 11:45 31 Dec 2006

cheers Kestrel u was right ,Ive found thet , now im not sure on what Plug in too download too be able too listen too the radio.. theres a few..

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