Moving from XP to Win7

  [email protected] 13:10 15 Jul 2011

At long last I am going to move from XP to Win 7 Premium.Having asked around it appears that Win 7 is only available as 64 Bit whereas my XP is 32 Bit.This will mean that some of my present programs won`t run on Win7.I am buying a new tower by the way and not upgrading XP. I have been informed by my ISP that I will need a router.As a senior citizen I don`t want to make life any more complicated than it already is so what is a router and does it alter the way I use the Internet for instance? Explanations in laymans language would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 13:24 15 Jul 2011

There are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, although most new Desktop PCs will probably have the 64-bit version installed. 32-bit programs should run without problems in 64-bit Windows, but peripherals such as printers, scanners etc will require the 64-bit drivers.

A router is a device that allows multiple computers to access the internet simultaneously. However, as versions of Windows after XP (i.e. Vista and 7) don't generally have suitable drivers for USB ADSL Modems, ISPs moved over to providing combined modem/routers for internet access even for a single PC.

With a modem/router, it is that which connects to the internet, not the PC which gets its internet access over the network by connecting to the router by ethernet cable or "wirelessly".

  Strawballs 18:58 15 Jul 2011

My daughters desktop is 32bit and my laptop is 64bit and the both run fine with all my peripherals

  Border View 10:56 16 Jul 2011

I have just moved over from a laptop running XP Home SP3 Fat 32 files to a tower running Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit and my old canon scanner and printer work just fine. My programs are OK and all my files, photos documents etc open without a glitch.

I for one think Windows 7 is fantastic.

  onthelimit1 11:28 16 Jul 2011

If your ISP asks you to pay for a new router, suggest that they may like to give you one for free otherwise you will consider changing ISPs. They will usually agree to keep your custom

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