Moving XP from Desktop to Laptop

  User-359419E1-4301-4293-B57B323B4A77A8F1 15:52 28 Jan 2005

I have installed XP pro on a laptop hard drive by connecting it to my desktop IDE,every thing was fine and working when tested,but as soon as i connected it to laptop IDE it wont boot at all,and all i can see is a flashing cursor.
anyone to help with this.

Laptop>>P3 700Mhz(obviously i have no floppy or CD drive for it).
Desktop>>Celeron 600Mhz

  Djohn 16:03 28 Jan 2005

I think that by doing it that way you will have missed out all the set-up and installation files that XP requires to operate on your laptop drive..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 28 Jan 2005

XP will have installed drivers for your desktop. these will not run your patop motherboard and graphics card.

I thought so in the begining but i wanted to give it a go.
Im just wondering how to boot from LAN wihout any OS installed on the hard disk.ive read about RIS but totally confusing(for someone without MSCE).
plz any simple configurations???
thanks for help guys.

<<Change directory under DOS to the I386 folder then run setup>>does this means to create DOS partition with I386 folder then run setup??

<<Note: Do-not format the drive again during the WinXP Setup>>means to first format HDD that contains XP OS then change to FAT32??

Did i understand it right?
NB:i havent got the floppy drive to get into DOS?

sorry if i made things complicated.:))

yes,i have one actually

  woodchip 23:15 28 Jan 2005

It will not work as the Configuration is different also XP will need registering again

  woodchip 23:26 28 Jan 2005

Just on about what the Title thread says

Thank you ßéLâ and everyone else for your support.
i will try that tomorrow.
night night

still didnt work.
i deleted the NTFS partition then format the HDD with FAT 32:typed:<<format C: /s>>.
is this the right switch??
help plz

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:32 29 Jan 2005

Yes if this is the only drive you now have in the desktop.

If you have connected the laptop drive in as a slave then format C:\ will wipe your desktop hard drive.

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