Moving Windows XP Documents and Settings Folder

  matt45 23:31 29 Dec 2003

I was reading an article on a Windows XP Tweaking site and I found this telling me that this was all I needed to do to move the Windows XP Documents & Settings Folders:

Microsoft Windows XP uses a lot of folders for each user. Everything from "My video" to your personal documents folder. Below is where you can view the locations of these folders and can change them.

Start Regedit. If you are unfamiliar with regedit please refer to our FAQ on how to get started.
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
Right click on the folders and select Modify
Change the path to a new path if you want to change the path.
Reboot your computer.

Wouldn't this leave all other references to this folder on your computer all messed up?

  matt45 23:36 29 Dec 2003

Moving these folders is easy:

My Documents is moved by [in Windows Explorer] creating a new My Documents folder on a different drive. Right-click the desktop icon, choose "Properties" and then "Move". Point to the desired location. You will be asked if you want all sub-folders and contents to be moved also. The original folder can be deleted, but it can also be left as is. The registry is automatically edited to reflect the change.

The Favorites folder is moved [in Windows Explorer] from C:\Documents and Settings\"User name"\ by right-clicking and dragging-n-dropping to the new drive, and choosing "Move Here". The registry is automatically edited to reflect the change.

The Address book is moved by [in Windows Explorer] creating a new Address Book folder on a different drive. From:
C:\Documents and Settings\"User name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\
Right-click and drag-n-drop "User name".wab and "User name".wa~ to the new folder and choose "Move Here".

You have to manually edit the registry. Click Start / Run and type "Regedit" in the run-dialog box and hit the <enter> key. Find the registry key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\WAB4\Wab File Name" and change the path to the new location. Close regedit and restart the computer. If you don't, it will create a new "User name".wab and default back to the original location.

E-mail storage location is moved by [in Windows Explorer] creating a new E-mail folder on a different drive. [I use the folder name "Mail".] From within Outlook Express, click Tools / Options / Maintenance and the "Store Folder" button. Click "Change" and point to the new location.

Using this method, you can configure multiple operating sytems to use the same email directory. Restart Outlook Express for changes to take effect. The registry is automatically edited to reflect the change.

These steps are valid in Windows XP Pro. Other operating systems may vary. It is still neccessary to backup the data in these folders.

  powerless 23:40 29 Dec 2003

Use TweakUI, Special Folders,[folder], Change Location.

click here

  alcudia 08:01 30 Dec 2003

click here;en-us;236621 Also has info on why Microsoft don't support this.

  alcudia 08:03 30 Dec 2003

Why don't these links work. Read KB article Q236621

  bremner 09:22 30 Dec 2003
  alcudia 09:50 31 Dec 2003


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