moving windows around screen causes slow updating?

  theDarkness 14:46 12 Sep 2009

moving windows around the screen on XP using the mouse in causes slow updating, as you can see here :-
click here

I dont know why my system starting to do this, there are no viruses, nothing new is installed, programs work fine with nothing similar happening-it only happens in XP on its own when I move any window similar to the above about. I have tried installing the latest drivers, but nothing makes a difference, which is slightly odd, so it cannot be a driver issue?..

any help or guessing what the problem might be would be great, thanks

  Technotiger 15:30 12 Sep 2009

Try a System Restore back to before this started.

  theDarkness 16:44 12 Sep 2009

just tried- no difference, although i have noticed one thing after I installed ms service pack 3 - an installation of style-xp disappeared, which is rather odd. i dont know why it would have deleted it-and im certain i did not delete it before installing sp3. I have tried switching to XP classic in the control panel display settings, and this works fine, so ive found the short term solution. Switching back to 'Windows XP' mode on the same theme screen makes it go back to the way it was-perhaps a vital 2d display file/driver is missing, but then if that was the case, surely other 2d software would not work, but it does, its just a 'dragging windows around a screen' issue. I might try a re-install of stylexp to see if that makes a difference, although if sp3 deleted the folder/did not uninstall it fully- and i reinstall it, this may not make a difference. very odd as to why sp3 would delete files in this manner :O Its also strange how trying older/newer graphics drivers makes no difference to this ghost like effect im getting, lol

  theDarkness 17:44 12 Sep 2009

update, found out SP3 was not compatible with StyleXP, but that may not have been the cause, as Ive uninstalled it, and im still getting the ghost effect! :(

  rdave13 18:42 12 Sep 2009

Shot in the dark here but right click desktop- properties- appearance tab- effects and check the box is ticked for 'show windows content while dragging'.

  theDarkness 19:57 12 Sep 2009

ah, nice one ;) I switched the effect off, and theres no problems anymore as youd expect-then on again, and it no longer gives the redraw ghost-like effect! I dont know if that helps to give ideas out on what may be causing the problem in the first place, especially when all the display drivers ive tried have made no difference, but at least i know how to stop it. with the effects off and then back on, theres no ghosting anymore, just a very minimal amount of flicker, but i dont really want to have to switch off every time I boot up, so I think ill leave the effects off completely anyway, as it seems alot faster this way


  rdave13 20:23 12 Sep 2009

Peculiarity of XP perhaps. I'd try unticking the box, rebooting, then ticking it again. Might 'repair' itself?

  theDarkness 12:32 13 Sep 2009

switched off, restarted, switched the effect back on- working again! :) but for how long!? :O lol. cheers for the help-im still going to leave the windows effects off, runs alot better this way anyway- i do have an old geforce gfx card up to date on this 1.6g 1gig ram system from 2001, but its never been very smooth with 2d gfx, perhaps being 'up to date' on an old system is part of the problem, struggling to keep up! (although i did add 1 gig ram eventually-lol)


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