Moving to web free home- Need new ISP/wireless

  red-porcupine 16:29 02 Aug 2006


Apologies for this sounding like a case study…I have tried researching this, but think I’m going around in circles, so seek your help, please.

I’m moving in with my partner who does not have an internet connection, and I’m nearing the end of my broadband contract with Supanet (which throws me out about 6 times/hr & so won't be renewing)

We’re looking at various providers and want to go wireless.

He has a wireless enabled laptop and I have a desktop PC. He lives in the sticks and the max speed we’ll have is 512k

(Just so you know the kind of stuff I can handle, I’ve installed a new memory card and USB PCI card before!!)

My questions are:

1. Is there any need to obtain my mac code from Supanet, as I’ll be starting afresh with the internet at my new address?

2. Just in case there’s a problem with wireless, could my ADSL modem (Zoom ASDL USB) still work as backup when we have a new provider?

3. Do I need to get anything else other than a wireless USB adapter/wireless PCI card for my desktop PC?

4. By having a laptop & a PC are we in effect setting up a network?

5. For him to use my printer(Canon PIXMA iP4200)is it just a case of taking out the lead connecting it to my PC & inserting his?

Many thanks if you can answer any of the above, and hope I've got the terminology right!

  FelixTCat 16:41 02 Aug 2006


Let me try to answer your questions:

1. Ask for it anyway. You are moving to a new address and some will transfer the adsl to a new phone for free/a reasonable price. If not, you will have to start again

2. Yes. Very rarely they are locked to a single ISP, but you can try

3. If you get an adsl wireless modem router for your bb connection, you do not even need that. If you are going to use a USB modem, that is all you need in hardware. You will need a firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware software for your partner's laptop.

4. No. You are setting up 2 pcs that share an internet connection. Turning that into a network is trivial - just changing a couple of software settings

5. Essentially, yes. You will have to install the printer software on his laptop. However, if you set up the network, he can print across the wireless connection to the printer attached to your pc. This assumes your pc is running.



  red-porcupine 16:50 02 Aug 2006


Thank you very much for your quick & straightforward response. Much appreciated.

  bigboab y 10:14 01 Sep 2006

Been looking around for a DSL wireless router.. the 811.b (11mbps)types are much cheaper than the 811.g ones(54 or 108 mbps) much faster is the "g" type?? That is in normal use e.g surfing is it noticeable ??? Cheers all.

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