Moving to South America

  Jesso 08:57 29 May 2006

Hi all,

I was hoping that somebody could advise me on a dilema that we are having in our household. I have taken a job in South America (120v 60hz) and was wondering about the feasability of taking my beloved computer from the UK. My concerns are how it would travel (in a suitcase)

I have already purchased 2 step up up adaptors would these be OK to run a UK PC on?

The other option is selling it (you know what a hassle a new PC can be!)

Many thanks for any advice!

  €dstowe 09:09 29 May 2006

Most modern computer have "universal" power supplies and operate on most of the voltages available worldwide.

Of more concern, to my mind, is the reliability of the mains supply which, even in big cities, can be very poor. This can adversely affect the operation of computers and I suggest that a UPS is at the top of your list of essential purchases when (or before) you go. Either that or use a laptop on batteries.

  rmcqua 09:16 29 May 2006

Two major considerations:
Is the power rating of the adaptors you have purchased adequate for the demands of your PC? if so, then there shouldn't be any basic problem in getting the PC to work. Do you have any further info. on the adaptors?
Second is the effect of the 60Hz mains frequency on the monitor you will be using. This could be a significant problem and you may have to buy a local monitor (maybe you intend to anyway as you didn't specifically mention it in your post).
As for how it will travel, I'm afraid there are no guarantees. I spent 20+ years in a job with continuous long distance travel and I found absolutely no consistency in the way airlines treated my luggage. It is really a case of hope for the best and, of course, do everything you can to protect the PC during transit, like adequate padding etc. Unfortunately, many is the time I have sat on a 'plane watching my suitacse being thrown on/off some baggage cart by a less than concerned airline employee.
Hope it all works out OK for you.

  spuds 09:56 29 May 2006

Having spent quite some time in South America, mainly Colombia. I would suggest that taking your desktop with you is not a wise move, if it was a laptop then that would be fine.

The expansion of computer outlets should provide a reasonable replacement, with local support readily available. The same applies for internet connections.

Whatever you pack, you will have no guarantees of safe delivery at the other end.

  Jesso 09:14 31 May 2006

Many thanks for the replies. I have decided to buy a laptop. Once again thanks for the input.

  johnnyrocker 10:15 31 May 2006

and a tick resolved?


  spuds 10:28 31 May 2006

I would suggest that you consider the implications of theft of the laptop. Take the necessary precautions of not displaying the laptop in public, and try and keep it hidden from 'unseen' prying eyes, especially if its an expensive model, not so expensive models still have a good trading value. If you have a UK household insurance policy which you are continuing, and which covers laptops and computer equipment, then make sure you have 'overseas' cover and additions.Keep all receipts of purchase etc.

Having stated previously, that I have spent many a day traveling around South (mainly Colombia) and Central America,'mainly off the tourist trails', take all the necessary precautions. The nice friendly guy with the firm handshake, may not be all what it seems. But there are some very genuine friendly people there, alls not bad, just be cautious. The UK government have a very good information website on overseas travel, and it is well worth having a browse there, for up to date information.

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