moving pipex email address

  Garthyy 19:25 29 Apr 2010

not sure if this is in the right forum.
BT has put in ftcc and are offering high speed at very good rates, I dont want to lose my pipex address does anyone know if I can transfer my pipex address to bt. tia

  Terry Brown 19:45 29 Apr 2010

As far as I know, when you leave your current supplier you lose your email account, unless you have a personal one where you can take anywhere you like.

If this interests you look at sites like OnetoOne and HeartInternet.

  Halmer 19:58 29 Apr 2010

and understand that you can still receive and view but not send via Pipex.

  Garthyy 22:14 29 Apr 2010

thank you both.
Halmer, does use of pipex email address viewing have a time limit?

  Halmer 22:23 29 Apr 2010

but I think not.

  Garthyy 22:46 29 Apr 2010

Thanks, I'll try find out more tomorrow then if so I'm off to bt infinity 20+mb downlooad, 10mb upload.
I think pipex is throttling me anyway so should be a good move.

  Halmer 08:39 30 Apr 2010

has halved.

  Graham. 09:23 30 Apr 2010

You may still be able to pick up your Pipex email after a move, I can pick up Sky 2 years after leaving, it's all spam though.

Can't Pipex offer you the advantages of FTTC? They use BT infrastructure after all.

  KremmenUK 12:27 30 Apr 2010

When I left Pipex for O2 my Pipex email accounts were suspended within about a week.

No access at all.

They get annoyed when customers leave and this is presumably their payback.

  Garthyy 16:18 30 Apr 2010

pipex say they will erase my email account within 14 days.
pipex claim I do not live in an area with ftcc, yet bt claim I do and I watched them install it.
the joys of technology.

  Graham. 17:51 30 Apr 2010

The joys of watching.

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