moving the picture to the right.

  elbecko 13:16 12 Dec 2010

i use one of those old, heavy, monitors.
the thing is that every site i visit is too far to the left. with youtube i can only just see half of the play-button.

i know the old tvs had vertical and horizontal hold controls at the back of the set, however there is nothing like that on this monitor.

is there some other way to shift the picture to a more central position?


  robzwolf 13:53 12 Dec 2010

there should be some buttons on it somewhere... most/all older monitors have them. My Dell P991 does.

  Batch 14:14 12 Dec 2010

If it has only just started to happen and and you haven't changed anything, maybe the horizontal hold has failed. You maybe able to adjust as 412mark412 suggests. Otherwise it might be time to invest in a nice new LCD screen.

  elbecko 16:30 12 Dec 2010


it was perfectly fine until last week when i bought this new computer that i am using.

the only buttons it has is on the front and they're brightness and contrast.

  GaT7 17:15 12 Dec 2010

What graphics card does the new computer have? There may be settings in its software's Control Panel that can be adjusted to 'centre' or move the display. G

  Woolwell 20:31 12 Dec 2010

Is this only on websites or is the whole screen off to one side?

  elbecko 23:04 13 Dec 2010

it is the whole screen that is to one side.

is this the graphics card info?

intel G41 express chipset
intel4 series express chipset family.

  Woolwell 10:13 14 Dec 2010

What is your operating system?

I am going to guess that the resolution is incorrect. However that wouldn't move the picture to one side. Is there a dark area without any picture to one side.

  woodchip 10:39 14 Dec 2010

seen this thread for a while so, I thought I better take a close look.
As you are having this problem Try starting in Safe Mode tapping F5 as it starts, this loads a generic Driver for the Graphics card. If the Raster i.e Picture is in the middle. right click on Empty Desktop then Properties\Settings\Advanced check the refresh rate try it up to 85 Hertz reboot and see how it is. As when the Graphics starts acting up it could be the Card. Monitor may have wheels at the bottom or buttons on the front or on screen when you tap the right button on the monitor, or behind a flap on the monitor

  elbecko 13:36 14 Dec 2010

the current refresh rate is 60 hertz, i tried 75 hertz but that only made the left side as bad as the right.

my operating system is opera.

resolution is 1280x800. i experimented with this but things got too stretched.

i just discovered the intel graphics control panel. this had horizontal and vertical hold so i had ago at these.
i did manage to get rid of the thick black line on the right, however this obviously increased the left side too, resulting with part of the picture on the left not being able to be seen.

i just have to put up with it.
at some time i will be using my 22 inch lcd tv as a monitor, thats as soon as i get the big-screen plasma tv that i'm after, maybe the problem will disappear then?

thanks for all your help everyone.

  Woolwell 14:21 14 Dec 2010

You don't have to put up with it. Your browser is Opera and your operating system on a new PC could be Windows 7.
With most monitors there is a control, which allows you to centre your display. What is the make and model of the monitor?

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