Moving Photoshop to other hard drive

  Carafaraday 09:06 01 Sep 2004

I want to reformat my external hard drive and am happy to 'lose' everything that' on the drive with the exception of Photoshop. Is there some way I can copy Photoshop to the hard drive on the pc, reformat the external hard drive, and put Photoshop back on again?
I am running XP - plenty of memory.

I have Drive Image 7 but have not yet installed it!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:20 01 Sep 2004

Do you have the disk from which Photoshop was installed; if not then you fill not be able to do what you want easily.

An image of the hard drive will do it for you but you will have all the other junk on the disk also.

Why is it installed on the external disk?

  Carafaraday 09:24 01 Sep 2004

The external hard drive came from my old and sadly dead pc. Is there no way I can copy just Photoshop and leave the rest of the dross (including Windows 98 etc)?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:24 01 Sep 2004

Not really; when a program is installed it puts lots of files all over the place, as well as making many modifications to the registry. It will be nigh on impossible to do all this manually.

  cga 10:30 01 Sep 2004

Partition Magic has a tool that just might make it possible if you could identify all the items to be moved. This tool will trawl your system and change all pointers to one drive letter into another.

Other than that, as Diodorus Siculus says, it is probably easier to reinstall. I would not think it is worth gettin PM just for this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:54 01 Sep 2004

All you need to do is select the photoshop folder by hovering your mouse over it....right-click-copy-you can now close the windows-open your C drive or whatever, right click in any suitable space and hit paste. The whole folder will move to where you have is that easy. I use this method for ALL programmes and it has never failed.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:56 01 Sep 2004 will have to redo the shortcut on the desktop ;-)))


  Carafaraday 11:19 01 Sep 2004

Thanks for that - I am trying to locate the file on the external hard drive but it doesn't appear to be in My Programmes. Where should I look for it, and will it be called Photoshop?

  Carafaraday 11:27 01 Sep 2004

As you were - I found it under Adobe and have copied it to the pc. Do I get it to run by just double clicking? or is that what you meant by making the shortcut on the desktop? I'm a bit lost.

  ensonricky 11:47 01 Sep 2004

Double click to open folder locate application file, the one with title graphic, right click with mouse and create shortcut on desktop.

  Carafaraday 12:23 01 Sep 2004

Thanks, result!

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