Moving operating Windows XP to C:\

  Como2 15:50 02 Jan 2003
  Como2 15:50 02 Jan 2003

Some time ago, by searching and reading posts on this forum and with the aid of Partition Magic 7.0 I was able to partition my hard drive into three partitions install Windows XP on to D:\ retaining Windows 98 SE on my C:\ partition and thus creating a dual boot system, the E:\ partition is for saving data.

Now that I am happy with XP I would like to remove Windows 98 SE, format the C:\ partition and “move” the contents of the Windows XP partition to the C:\ partition, as I understand that Windows will only boot from C:\, retaining the D:\ partition for backups.

Is this possible using Partition Magic 7.0?

I have searched the helproom but cannot find a post that covers this situation.

I also have Drive Image 5.0 but from posts that I have seen I believe that just copying the XP partition to the C:\ partition will not work.

  pj123 16:09 02 Jan 2003

What else have you got on drive C: Like programmes or is it only win98? If you have programmes on drive C: have you got the same programmes on drive D: as well?

  Como2 16:22 02 Jan 2003


I am not bothered about the programmes on drive C: those I want are installed on D: as well, but as I have downloaded a number of Microsoft updates I don`t want to have to reinstall XP

  Como2 11:11 03 Jan 2003


  cherria 13:36 03 Jan 2003

I hope I'm wrong as I'm in the same position as you but I think the answer is a simple "you can't" every program you have installed will have entries in the registry referring to drive D: so you will not be able to move XP to C: without going through the whole reinstall.

  dth 14:46 03 Jan 2003

you can try the following (but back up your data just in case)

start up with Win XP

go into my computer and right click on the C drive icon and format the drive

then change the drive letters round - so that the drive with Win XP becomes C

tried this method twice - didn't work the first time but the second it was fine. the compilcation is that the p/c boot up instructions are held on Windows 98 drive. please be aware that trying this method is not without risk (i.e. if it goes wrong you could end up having to reformat your p/c and load everything back on - nanny state warning over...)

  Como2 16:39 03 Jan 2003


Partition Magic has a utility that scans the registry and changes the drive referrences.

I am not sure if it will work in this situation which is why I asked the question

  Como2 16:42 03 Jan 2003


I was worried about the boot situation which is why I asked the question.

One of the Partition Magic experts on the forum must know if it is pos

  [email protected] 16:50 03 Jan 2003

back up data priority 1 check in bios which partition to use as boot up make sure that you can boot up with XP CD in 2nd boot device dth has got it right

  Como2 20:25 10 Jan 2003

Sorry I have not replied sooner

Have been away for a few days

Thank you pj123, dth and kellysbouncas for your answers

Will try when I have more time, in case it goes wrong

Will mark this thread as resolved and post back when I have tried the suggestions and let you know how I get on

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