Moving Music Tracks to MP3 Player

  ponytail 05:59 11 May 2009

I am trying to move some music tracks from my hard drive to my wifes mp3 player but keep getting the following message.Error copying file to folder.Cannot copy .Cannot find the specified file.Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.Does anyone know what the problem is.

  ponytail 06:16 11 May 2009

Further to my original post.When I right click on the usb devise and then click on properties it says thee devise is completely full.But when I click on the devise to see what is on it it is empty.How can it say it is full when I click on properties when there is nothing on it.Also it says on properties used space no bytes free space no bytes capacity no bytes.It did have some music files on it but I deleted them to put these new tracks on.Can someone ofer an explanation.I cannot delete something that is not on there to make the space.

  eedcam 08:24 11 May 2009

Have you tried just dragging and dropping the tracks onto the device

  Stuartli 11:26 11 May 2009

Also try deleting the unwanted music tracks (if this can be done) from the MP3 device itself first.

As eedcam suggests, I just drag and drop music files onto my MP3 player.

You should also check that your USB2.0 drivers are up to date; go to Device Manager and check that under USB controllers the word Enhanced or similar is listed alongside at least one or two USB Host Controllers entries.

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