Moving MS Money files from 98 to XP

  Southernboy 15:15 14 Feb 2005

Trying to restore a backup created on a W98SE PC to an XP PC seems to be a problem. Backup restores OK but then an error is displayed "Invalid File Name". I think it may be something to do with the file path being longer on XP.

Anyone come up against this problem?

  Diemmess 15:31 14 Feb 2005

If the backup restores some of the application as well as data, then some dll or similar other files will not be found where expected.

I suppose you can't simply copy your data over to its rightful place on the XP system?

  ventanas 17:04 14 Feb 2005

When I did it I just installed Money to the XP machine, copied my Money files to a floppy, put them on the new machine and loaded them without problem, which is what I think Diemmess is suggesting.

By the way this is Money 97, and it still works fine.

  Southernboy 17:32 14 Feb 2005

My Money file is spread over two discs so it cannot be copied as it is too large for one floppy disc. I have to use the Money 2000 Backup program which allows for multiple disc backup.

No, it does not include part of the application. It is something to do with the backup file path that was generated by the program when the file was first set up. That backup file path is different on XP, so the PC cannot recognise it.

Unfortunately, my W98SE PC has failed (nearly 7 years old) so all I have is the floppy backup discs. If my old PC were still working, I could go into the Options menu and delete the old backup details. To do this now, I have to get the file installed, so it is a catch 22 situation.

Surely I am not the first to need to move a Money file from 98 to XP? Someone must know a workaround.

  Southernboy 23:05 15 Feb 2005


Someone must have moved Money files from W98SE to XP, and experienced the longer file paths to My Documents with XP?

  ventanas 09:11 16 Feb 2005

Is the problem only because you are trying to load the file from My Documents. If so why not move them somewhere with a shorter path and see if they will open. I copied my Money backups to the main Money folder and no trouble opening them in XP.

  Southernboy 17:38 16 Feb 2005

I expect you moved them as complete files. I cannot do this as they are on multiple floppies prepared under the backup option. I tried this, but the program does not recognise them until they are restored.

I cannot even get the file installed because the only way you can do so with multiple floppy backups is to use the RESTORE option, and that gives no choice but to put it in MY DOCUMENTS. As the settings for XP are different to 98SE, the file is rejected as INVALID FILE NAME.

Ergo, I seem to be stuck.

  ventanas 08:44 17 Feb 2005

Sorry missed the bit about spanned discs. All I can think of is to temporarily put the hard drive (if its still working) from your old machine into the new one as a slave and then copy the files. Failing that I'm lost, sorry.

  Southernboy 13:13 17 Feb 2005

I cannot access anything. I wouldn't know how to do it anyway.

I thought I was OK having full backups, but I reckoned without XP being so different to 98SE that it would refuse files created under the earlier system.

This problem also refers to backups on a single floppy. Obviously, MS Money backup must compress or encode a backup in some way so that only the restore option will allow it to be opened again. And, it cannot be fully restored because of the variation in the file path.

  Southernboy 22:16 18 Feb 2005

I have discovered an option that allows you to select a different location in the RESTORE process which effectively provides a new file path.

What a pity MS do not provide a more user-friendly program!

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