moving mouse

  vlg 10:19 28 Oct 2004

Does anyone know why when i try to click on something the mouse goes all funky and tries to go everywhere else instead of where i want to click its dead annoying, its a cordless one if thats any help, but if i remember right it used to do it with the old fashioned type. I would appreciate any answers as it really does **** me off

  Giggle n' Bits 10:30 28 Oct 2004

Which windows are you running, and make/model of your Mouse/Keyboard please.

Also how close is the reciever to the monitor.

  Meshuga 10:34 28 Oct 2004

the use of bad language does the same thing to other people, even if you do use asterisks to simulate swearing. Suggest you check the forum rules.Meshuga.

  vlg 10:51 28 Oct 2004

The keyboard is globe (it was a cheapish one on offer at the time) i rum windows me and the mouse is bout 12-14 inches away from the reciever thingy but i tried putting it closer and further away etc but will try absoululey ought. Sorry for the astericks Meshuga but i have an assingment i need to get in and im on a deadline and i was just getting mad

  Graham ® 11:11 28 Oct 2004

To rule it out, do a search on the PC for Crazy Mouse.

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