Moving memory in hard drive

  golfpro 04:12 18 Jan 2010

The H/D on my Acer lap-top (5720G) is split into two partitions. The C drive is now getting short of memory, so I would like to grab some from the D drive and move it over to C. How do I do this?

  tullie 06:46 18 Jan 2010

I think you must mean that your C Partition is getting full dont you,they dont have seperate memory?

  mgmcc 08:37 18 Jan 2010

If you're using Vista, Disk Management has the facility to "shrink" or "extend" a volume. This means that you could "shrink" D Drive to create Unallocated Space and then "extend" C Drive to take in the Unallocated Space.

THE PROBLEM others have encountered when doing this is that the now smaller D Drive is between C Drive and the Unallocated Space preventing C Drive from using it.

Have a look at the free "Easeus Partition Master" software which should let you manipulate your partition structure as you want it click here

  golfpro 09:10 18 Jan 2010

The problem is when I installed Windows 7 over the vista program (clean install), it stuffed all the old files somewhere, and this is what's taking up the space. I want get rid of these but I can't even find them. So if anyone can tell me how this is done I will be eternally grateful.

  tullie 09:28 18 Jan 2010

Have a look for Windows.old i think!

  golfpro 12:03 18 Jan 2010

That kind help I can do without. If that's the best you can do then don't bother replying.

  cream. 12:19 18 Jan 2010

windows.old is a file stored on some upgraded computers that contain the old operating system files.
click here

I think you owe tullie an apology.

Also google for treesize to check hidden files.

  keef66 12:21 18 Jan 2010

tullie means if you search for files with a *.old extension, you may discover where it's put them.

+2 for using Easeus; it often turns up free on - you just have to look on the site every day cos you have only a 24hr window to download and install.

That's what I used to sort out my son's laptop; during setup he'd split the HDD 50:50 between C and D, and of course the C: partition was filling up.

  mgmcc 12:27 18 Jan 2010

"tullie" is actually quite correct in that the files remaining from the Vista installation will be in a folder named Windows.old

Have a look at this discussion click here relating to the removal of the Windows.old folder in Windows 7.

  mgmcc 12:32 18 Jan 2010

>>> +2 for using Easeus; it often turns up free on
>>> - you just have to look on
>>> the site every day cos you have only a 24hr
>>> window to download and install.

The Home Edition of Easeus Partition Master *is FREE* ????

  golfpro 13:34 18 Jan 2010


Thanks a lot for that the discussion thread worked a treat, managed to claw back over 25GB on my C drive.

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