Moving laptops around with the hard drive booted

  User-BAB88571-466A-423C-B13E5937BE118A4C 13:46 15 Jul 2004

At my place of work we are seeing a lot of hard drive failures increasingly as people seem continually mobile with their laptops and often walk around with them booted up and running normally.

Was looking for some good articles that explained the dangers of doing this and clarified best practice. I am on ocassion guilty myself of walking around with my laptop on as normal, but now routinely either standby or hibernate as much as possible.

Any experience of pointers to pass on.


  jonnytub 14:13 15 Jul 2004

although laptop hardrives are generally very robust, they are not accustomed to being dropped, expecially if the laptop is powered up, this will cause more damage as the actuator is gliding over the disk when the power is on as opposed to the actuator being in it's position of rest when powered down therefore not able to scratch a horrible mess on to the surface on the disk, not to mention that i believe there is also a lock mechanism whereby the actuator arm cannot move until powered up.

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