Moving Laptop and accessories to new room

  ponytail 15:54 05 May 2017

We have just moved this laptop and all associated equipment into the spare bedroom which small and will be used as a office.Only one problem the phone socket there is not working maybe not connected.There is a socket in the next bedroom but there is a phone connected to it.Would it be possible to get a 2 way attachment so we can plug in the phone and the router.Ie could we connect both to the same socket.

  wee eddie 16:16 05 May 2017

Your Router must be plugged into the Master Socket.

I suggest that you then purchase a set of Home Plugs if the Laptop's WiFi is out of range of the Router's signal

  john bunyan 16:36 05 May 2017

My router is plugged into a 25 m upstairs extension from a double adapter in the downstairs main socket. Obviously you need a filter , and my router and extension are plugged into a multi socket plug with surge control. No loss of speed compared with direct connection to main telephone socket, and a much better wi fi as router is on 1st floor. Had it for years with no problems.

  wee eddie 16:52 05 May 2017

Well, all I can say is that what you are doing is against all the advice that I have ever read

  john bunyan 17:07 05 May 2017

Ok but it works fine!

  john bunyan 17:13 05 May 2017

See old thread -daba

CA thread

  wee eddie 17:44 05 May 2017

Just a bit slower than it could be

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 05 May 2017

My router is connected to an extension this is wired direct to connections 2 and 5 in the Master socket.

Due to loss of BB over the last week yesterday I was plugged into the Master socket while testing a new router sent by ISP, (no problems with the three others I tried) and a reset off the line by ISP who tested the speed during the process.

Moved the Router backup stairs onto the extension and the the test came up with the same result. So provided extensions are fitted correctly they will have very little affect on the speed.

I know that BT insist that their routers are connected at the master socket but I think this is for those that are using "Fibre to cabinet".

  lotvic 19:40 05 May 2017

I doubt what ponytail is hoping to do will work as he doesn't mention to use filters if there are any other phones plugged in other sockets prior to the one in bedroom, or have I misunderstood?

I found a good pictorial guide click here that seems to be what FB has done and I had the same setup as john bunyan in a previous property. A dedicated single socket wired to/from the master socket - not an extension with other sockets daisy-chained in line (if I've understood properly)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 05 May 2017

Yes in my set up the Master socket has a filter to the Phone and the extension has a filter to the router.

  rdave13 23:56 05 May 2017

What kind of connection are we talking about? VDSL or ADSL? As it's a laptop on wi-fi, I assume, then Home Plugs, as suggested by wee eddie , might be the sdimplest course.

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