Moving and importing My Favourites on bulk

  Willow12 17:46 20 Jun 2006

My new PC arrives in a couple of days and it has now got my partner in a panic that all her favourite sites under her "My Favourites" tab in IE will be lost.

What I have got at my disposal is her laptop to send them there and then onto the the PC one I have set it up. The only way I can think of doing this is by clicking on each link individually and (after copy and pasting them) sending them in an email to her laptop and sending then back with the new set up. Then she will be able to open every one and save them all over again. The problem with this is that she has 100s of favourites and insists that she needs every one!

Is there a way of doing this much simpler and on bulk. To enable me to send the whole list to the laptop and also creating a quick upload to the new PC?

Oh and I should add I do not have a working disk drive on my old PC so cannot do it that way?

This may not be possible but worth a shout to try!

I use Windows XP.

  johnnyrocker 17:58 20 Jun 2006

do you have a working floppy drive on her machine? if so file/export/import will do the job.


  SANTOS7 18:06 20 Jun 2006

click here
Direct Cable Connection..

  Willow12 18:46 20 Jun 2006

No floppy drives either. She has a DVD/CD drive and the main PC has nothing!


That way does look interesting but how do I transfer the contents of "My Favourites" is it saved as a file somewhere?

  €dstowe 18:50 20 Jun 2006

Look in the Help & Support section of XP or Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Files & Settings Transfer Wizard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 20 Jun 2006

Direct cable connection as per santos7.

then Start - accessories - system tools -file and settings transfer wizard will save all my documents favourites emails and settings a folder

copy the folder over to the new PC using a flash drive or Direct cable connection as per santos7.

run file and settings again on the new PC and open the folder to import all your setting etc.

click here

  Woolwell 18:54 20 Jun 2006

I exported to a memory stick when I did it recently.

  SANTOS7 18:57 20 Jun 2006

Even better idea, funny how you forget the little gizmo's

  DieSse 18:58 20 Jun 2006

Favorites is a folder - in WinXP it's in Documents and Settings - under the relevant User Name.

You can simply copy the contents of the old system folder into the new XP folder - just done exactly that on a WinME to WinXP system swap over.

You may need to set Explorer to show Hidden abd System file to see the folder.

If you don't have a working medium for the transfer, a cheap pen drive might be a useful accessory anyway - and would give you the way to do the transfer.

  Input Overload 20:57 20 Jun 2006

If you zip up your favs folder up they are much easier to move around, I zip mine up & post them to Hotmail so if I am not at home & need them to help a friend they are easy to get. Around 1300 bookmarks zip to 340k.

  Willow12 22:55 20 Jun 2006

I managed to copy all of her favourites into a briefcase and email it to her laptop but hit another snag.

She had Outlook Express as her email and it blocked the file. I then turned this off on her security setting and the briefcase reached her but when she tries to open it nothing happens. I now find out that this happens with any files or photos sent to her by her friends. She can never open them. What is likely to be the cause of this?

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