Moving from ICS to Router - Problems

  Blitzer 21:31 12 Jan 2007

Before I go any further I'd like to say that although I'm reasonably clued up with computers having built a few machines from scratch and upgraded and repaired a few, my knowledge of networking is in comparision limited.

Original network set-up...

PC1: Windows 98se PC connected directly to NTL cable modem for internet access. Providing an internet connection to PC2 via windows ICS. Two network cards installed, one connected to cable modem, the other to PC2.

PC2: Windows Home XP connected to PC1 via a cross-over cable. Two on-board network connections, one connected to PC1, the other unused.

Recently I got a wireless router (Linksys WRT54GS) so I would not longer need to have PC1 switched on to give me internet access (PC2 used mainly for gaming Counter-Strike etc.), and also to provide a wireless connection for my Xbox360 and Sony PSP.

So new network set-up should have been...

Router: Connected directly to the cable modem

PC1: (Win98 PC) connected to the router port 1.

PC2: (Home XP) connected to the router port 2.

Xbox360: Wireless connection to router.

PSP: Also wireless connection to the router.

I have managed to install the router, both PC's can get internet access without the other being switched and I can also use the Xbox360 (on Xbox Live) and the PSP for web browsing without any problem. However, it has become clear rather quickly that the network is not working as it should.

Firstly I should point out that I failed to remove ICS from PC1 (windows 98) so believe this to be the main cause of my current problems. But now I have the problems I'm not sure what I should be doing! :(

Problem 1: Although both PC's could get internet access via the router they could not see each other on the network - no changes to workgroup etc. To enable them to see each other I had to plug the cross-over cable back in. This is suggesting that I kind of have two networks in operation?

Problem 2: If I turn on PC2 I get internet access with no problems, but if I then turn on PC1 and then PC1 off again it effectively kills my connection to the internet. It seems as if ICS is taking over the job of providing internet access and then when PC1 is turned off again the connection is taken away.

Now, I'm assuming for a kick-off that I need to uninstall ICS from PC1, but then I'm not sure what other changes I need to make to the network settings in order for it to be set-up correctly, i.e. using the router to connect the two PC's together rather than the cross-over cable that should of course be redundant now. Similarily this should also mean that one of the NIC's in PC1 could be removed as it would no longer be needed.

Ideally I'd re-install windows on both machines an start over from scratch to ensure there are no incorrect network settings left behind etc., but for various reasons this is not really an option at the moment. So basically I'm after guidance as to how I can remove my current network and start-over and get things working how they should. I'm a bit reluctant to go steamming in and blindly trying to fix it, because although it's not quite how it should be the network can be used as it is.

In short - I need help! :)

  Strawballs 00:48 13 Jan 2007
  Blitzer 10:55 13 Jan 2007

Thanks for the link a useful website no doubt, but I could not see how it could really help me take my network apart in order to start over which is what I think I need to do.

I'm thinking that my first move should be to uninstall anything I can network related on the Windows 98 PC and then removed one of the NICs as it should no longer be required. I really don't know what I should do after that though - I've not used XP home that much so don't know my way around it like I do Win98. :(

  mgmcc 16:23 13 Jan 2007

Disable ICS in the Windows 98SE PC and then ensure that all network adapters in both PCs are set to get their IP and DNS addresses automatically. Those adapters that connect to the Linksys router should get IP addresses by DHCP in the Subnet and neither PC should be affected by what the other is doing.

There is no need to remove the network adapters that aren't in use and the router does provide the LAN connection between PCs for File & Printer Sharing.

  Blitzer 12:15 14 Jan 2007

Thanks for the reply, I have since got the problem sorted. I done this by uninstalling ICS from PC1 (Win98), removing all the network software (client etc.), turning the machine off and then removing both network cards. I know this was probably way more than I needed to do but I just wanted to start from fresh. To make sure everything was as expected I ran the machine without the NIC's installed, all was ok so I reinstalled one of the NIC's so I could rebuild the network.

Not too unexpectedly I still could not see either PC from the other on the network despite all the settings being as they should. All was still working internet wise though. I'm happy to say though that it very quickly came to me that I had not reconfigured Norton's firewall with ragards to the network settings/addresses. After I'd done this on bioth machines everything worked as expected. Both machines now have access to each other and independant access to the internet. Switching PC1 off obviously no longer causes any problems to PC2 as the cross-over cable connecting them is gone as is ICS from PC1.

Thanks for the help. :)

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