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  slightlymad 15:28 24 Aug 2006

My husband has started a logistics business in Moscow, and has parted company with the person who registered the domain name (

I would really like to transfer the name, but I'm assuming that only the registrant is able to do this.

I found the details on WHOIS, but it's a Greek hosting company! Their site is all in foreign! I've written, but not received a reply.

Is my only option to re-register using a different suffix?

  slightlymad 23:07 24 Aug 2006

If my husband contacted the registrant, but he's a stubborn ox.

Thanks, fourm member, you've confirmed my thinking that the easiest way round this is to register a new name.

  Forum Editor 00:30 25 Aug 2006

The problem with walking away from the first name is that it will still be registered to the person who dealt with the original registration, and he/she could at some stage make use of it.

That could impact on your husband's business, and I think it would be worth an attempt to get the name transferred. ICANN, which is the registering authority for the .com high level, doesn't act to resolve individual name disputes, but it does issue guidelines to registrars. In any case where a "losing" registrar denies a transfer request, it is required to provide the "gaining" registrar with a notice of the denial and a specific reason for the denial.

Your domain name has a site running on it, and I assume this is your husband's business? If that is the case, he should not have too much difficulty in getting the transfer, but things may be more complicated if the person who made the original registration is a Russian, based in Moscow.

  slightlymad 15:34 25 Aug 2006

I'll do whatever I can to resolve this, and I'm grateful for your advice.

I sent an e-mail to the register/hosting company (who is based in Greece, but whose site is in Russian), explaining the situation - that Tony is the director of Abilena, and that an ex-employee registered the domain name.

I haven't received a reply, but I suspect this might be because I wrote in English... Tony has now written in Russian, asking for the WHOIS to be amended.

I'll give it a couple of days then come back to you. If there's no reply, I'd like to know what to do next.

Konstantin, the registrant, is indeed Russian, which doesn't help matters. The page left up on the site gives his mobile number, and that's causing Tony some anxiety, as they parted on bad terms.

  Forum Editor 17:29 25 Aug 2006

If you do, you can get at the site files and amend them.

Or if you don't know how to do it, pass the details to me, and I'll make the changes for you.

  slightlymad 18:12 25 Aug 2006

They're all with Krooksky.

I forgot to say that Tony asked for login details in his e-mail.

I'm happy about changing the site files (although the remote folders may not make much sense to me), but thank you very much for your kind offer.

It's another problem to consider, if the host complies with Tony's request - unless I'm able to change the administrator's login Krooksky can still access the files.

  slightlymad 18:53 25 Aug 2006

I just got an email from Tony:

"Wonderful news, the web site people have replied. We can get control of the site back for 8 US D. Getting drunk with Serge now."

I'm assuming that the $8 is a transfer fee for WHOIS, and that we can now go ahead with the domain transferral.

I'll report back when I'm sure. No good asking Tony anything now...

  Forum Editor 19:59 25 Aug 2006

As someone who works in Moscow from time to time that sends shivers down my spine. Not because I get drunk with anyone when I'm there, but because I've seen some industrial-strength drinking bouts going on in my hotel bar. Some of the Russian businessmen who take part can hardly stand up when it's time to go home.

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