Moving Files from a Windows 98 desktop to a new laptop

  rn7831 18:41 30 Sep 2012

I recently acquired a new laptop computer to replace my ancient desktop computer. I'd like to transfer files from the old desktop to the new laptop, but I seem to have a problem. The disc drives on the desktop are no longer operational, and some of the files are too large to send 'to myself' via e-mail. I remember being able to plug a friend's external hard drive into my desktop and being able to move files onto it, and was hoping to rescue files by transferring them from the desktop to the hard drive and the hard drive to the laptop, but upon borrowing his hard drive, I now find that the desktop refuses to acknowledge that the drive exists! This hard drive is not the same one as I used before, so I expect that this might be the cause of the problem. Can you suggest an external hard drive that I could purchase that would be suitable for use in this situation? The desktop is running Windows 98.

OF course, any other solutions to my transferring problem would also be very welcome.

  sharpamat 19:24 30 Sep 2012

If you get a usb caddy with the correct conections for the drives on your desktop. you may be able to remove your desktops drive and see the drives contents that way. I would suggest a powered caddy as the usb ports on a laptop can not always give enought power

  woodchip 20:05 30 Sep 2012

If the Disc Drives on the Desktop did not work you would not be able to start 98 nor see the files. You could copy them to a Memory stick but you will only be able to use about a 1Gig stick as this is all 98 can see, or use a Camera with a SD card in it and copy to the SD card in Windows Explorer File Manager. the above will only work if you can get into Windows

  onthelimit1 09:02 01 Oct 2012

You say 'The disc drives on the desktop are no longer operational'

If it/they are really dead, you will not be able to access the files. If they are OK, but just won't boot into Windows, then you may be able to recover the files using a caddy as suggested by sharpamat.

  rn7831 11:56 01 Oct 2012

My lack of computer knowledge may mean that I'm using the wrong terminology. By 'disc drives' I mean the slots into which one places a CD or floppy disc. The computer turns on perfectly well and loads up Windows 98. I can access all the files on the old desktop computer, but I can't work out how to move them to another computer.

  wiz-king 14:14 01 Oct 2012

If your old machine has USB capability then use a USB pen drive. Some Win 98 machines work with USB.

  lotvic 14:43 01 Oct 2012

If you want a cheap solution, just buy a cable like these on Amazon IDE to USB Cable and take out W98 Harddrive and connect it to usb on other pc and transfer your stuff. Then you can put the W98 harddrive back in old pc if you want.

  Diemmess 10:03 02 Oct 2012

I think lotvic's suggestion is fine, but I would emphasise that the lead to your old HD is IDE because a HD of that age will be that type of connection (With a broad grey ribbon inside the PC)

  Terry Brown 10:37 02 Oct 2012

There are programs that let you send large files via email, link

These links may help you, as (mostly) they offer free trial.


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