Moving Files from one laptop to another.

  Little Elk 17:42 21 Dec 2016

I have a small problem that hopefully someone can tell how to fix. I have 2 Dell laptops. The first one is a Inspiron 1720 that gave up the ghost without warning.(Motherboard U/S and beyond reasonable repair), although the Hard Drive is believed to be healthy and has Win 10 Home on it (and I would like to keep it) and, many files that I should have backed up more often, but didn't. The second laptop is a Dell Latitude E6410 but only has Win 7. I am assuming that both HD drives are the same physical size (that is they are both 9.5mm high drives), although they maybe different capacities. Is it therefore possible, to take the drive out of the Inspiron and swap it for the one in the Latitude without messing anything up? (The Latitudes drive I can put in a caddy and use it for storage.) Are there any precautions to be aware of before undertaking this task. I already know about static electricity grounding (I have a wrist strap for this) and removing the batteries before opening up the cases. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Kindest regards and a Merry Christmas to one and all.

  Rooguy479 18:31 21 Dec 2016

Should be fine, but check first that they are both same length.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 21 Dec 2016

No a straight swap won't do as there will be different drivers and windows 10 will be registered for the other machine.

You will have to put the Inspiron drive in the caddy to transfer files.

  wee eddie 21:08 21 Dec 2016

Fruit bat is right, you can't just transfer of the Hard Drives. His solution is also the best. Once you have transferred the files, format the drive and use it as a backup

  Little Elk 15:31 29 Dec 2016

Many thanks to Rooguy479, Fruit Bat and wee eddie for your replies. Just one point, will transferring the files via the caddy also transfer the Win 10 Operating System as well? Many thanks, Little Elk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 29 Dec 2016

No for the same reasons as stated above.

the op system and programs cannot be copied to the old win 7 machine, you can only move your data files such as pictures music documents etc.

Once you have the data copied across then format the win 10 hard drive and use it as a back up drive.

  lotvic 18:04 29 Dec 2016

You can still free upgrade your W7 to W10 via the MS Accessibility site as per PCAdvisor article click here

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