Moving files from one folder to another

  ponytail 08:44 15 Apr 2014

When I had XP it was easy to move files from folder to folder but now I have windows 7 how do I move a file from one folder to another.When I right click on the file all I can see is send to but where I want to send it to is not listed.Can someone advise Thanks

  ponytail 08:47 15 Apr 2014

Also when using XP I was able to highlight a group of files and move them en masse can I still do that on windows 7

  natdoor 09:09 15 Apr 2014

Cut and paste. Left click on file. Select Edit then Cut. Open the destination folder, Select Edit then Paste. If uncertain, use Copy instead of Cut and, having checked that the file is safely in the new location, return to the original and use Shift+Delete to remove it.

  wee eddie 10:29 15 Apr 2014

Drag and Drop. When the destination folder gets a blue border it has moved

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 15 Apr 2014

Use send to toys you can then right click and send files anywhere

  Bapou 18:58 15 Apr 2014

In Windows 7 from the Menu - Edit- then choose either, move to folder or copy to folder.

  ponytail 21:01 15 Apr 2014

Hi Bapou If I highlight a group of files and then click on edit can I then move that group in one transaction ie move them en masse

  wee eddie 21:58 15 Apr 2014

Yes, you can use the Edit Route as Bapou suggests, but do remember that, depending on the size of the files you have selected and the amount of useable RAM your PC has, it can take an appreciable amount of time.

e.g. if you select 8 movies, it will take more than a couple of seconds.

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