Moving an entire program to another drive

  tony-guitar 14:09 16 Jul 2013

I recently installed a Win7 version of Canon's ZoomBrowser EX photo organiser program. Unfortunately there was no obvious way to choose a 'destination' as there usually is. This meant that it installed to my "c" drive. This is a 120GB SSD that's filling up quicker that anticipated. My pc also has a 1TB HDD (Drive "D") and I particularly wanted it to install there, where there is still over 900GB free space. Is it possible to 'move' (not copy) this program over to drive 'D'?

  northumbria61 14:40 16 Jul 2013

You can't. User folder, such as Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, etc are easily movable. If you want the programs moved to another location, uninstall them first, then re-install, specifying a different target location.

You can change the default installation path so that all future apps will end up in the desired location.

Having said that you might want to take a look here enter link description here I have never used it so can't comment or recommend it.

My advice would be be to uninstall/reinstall or you may end up with all sorts of problems with the Registry.

  tony-guitar 15:42 16 Jul 2013

Your supplied link looks interesting, but i'm not confident enough to try it. I have already tried the uninstall-reinstall route, but no target location is offered, so it sends it to "c". This is the only program I've installed that doesn't give the option to send to a different location. I might give it another go as I personally like this program, (it'll grab all my images again anyway).

  tony-guitar 16:37 16 Jul 2013

I think I've sussed-out the issue with the 'target location'. The original disc that came with my old Canon Ixus camera, was intended for XP. I tried it anyway and must have installed this to Drive 'C' and then found that Canon have an update for Win7. This had no choice but to go there too as it was an update. Maybe the only solution would be to uninstall the whole lot, reinstall from the original disc (to "D") and then go back to Canon for the Win7 update. Does this make sense?

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