Moving emails Windows Live Mail

  iscanut 10:22 19 Mar 2010

I can normally drag and drop emails from my Inbox into folders or use the move menu option. There are however emails from 2 separate senders that cannot be moved and when I try I get the message.." An unknown error has occurred. The selected message(s) cannot be moved. An error has occurred".

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there a solution ? There is nothing odd about the emails. They are just text with no attachments.

  howard64 11:10 19 Mar 2010

it could be that they have been locked on the remote server - nothing you can do about that. You will have to highlight the text - control C to copy it then open your word processor and control V to paste it.

  iscanut 13:23 19 Mar 2010

Thanks, have already used cut & paste on the text I want to keep. Was not aware of such a thing as locked on remote server. Is this common and of what benefit is it to the sender ?

  howard64 15:38 19 Mar 2010

not a clue but I have heard of it before - done to stop the original being altered

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